Monday, November 25, 2019

Tis' The Season for Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties! (Review & Giveaway)

Christmas is right around the corner... and that means Ugly Christmas Sweater parties!  Another favorite holiday staple is the Grinch - so why not combine the two?  I can't tell you that making my choice was easy, because it took me quite some time, but I am certainly happy with my choices again this year!

If you remember The Grinch and My Ugly Christmas Sweater from last year, you might remember that my daughter ended up stealing my Ugly Christmas Sweater and I only didn't get to wear it as often as I would have liked! But, in the spirit of the holiday season I happily shared with her... and she got a lot of compliments from her friends and teachers! I even said in my review last year, "Looks like I will have to do a little more shopping and get her one of her own!" and that's exactly what I did this year!

I absolutely loved my Ugly Christmas sweater from last year!  It was thick, soft and colorful.  The design was very bold and detailed.  My daughter and I got many comments and compliments on it!  It really is an eye-catcher! It's been washed several times and still looks brand new! I have no doubt that the Ugly Christmas Sweaters we got this year will be the same!  

We all know that being a Grinch isn't what the holidays is suppose to be about, but I think we can all relate and love him at the same time! Am I right?  That's why I chose another Grinch sweater this year... the Grinch Face Ugly Christmas Sweater.  It is even cooler in person that it is on the website.  I absolutely love it!

Thursday, November 21, 2019

The Magic Christmas Ornament Collection ~ Holiday Review & Giveaway

Christmas!  A magical time of the year for children of all ages... young and old!  Even as an adult, I have fond memories of Christmas traditions we had when I was growing up - many that I now share with my own children!

Invite the magic of Christmas into your home this winter with The Magic Christmas Ornament Collection. This spell-binding Christmas storybook and dazzling tree ornament set will inspire new traditions and pull readers, both young and old, into a world of holiday splendor.

On Christmas Eve, Victoria’s father gathers her and her brothers, Joseph and John, around the fireplace to tell the story of a very special ornament that has hung on their tree for as long as they can remember. Their father found the ornament in a mysterious tree one snowy evening when he was seven years old, and brought it home. After hearing the story and going to bed, Victoria, Joseph, and John sneak back downstairs, and discover the ornament has magical powers! It whisks them away to the happiest place on Earth: Santa’s workshop!

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Two Times Zones, One Watch ~ Unique Wooden Watch (Review)

  I received product in exchange for my honest opinion!

Our son has been away at college since mid-August, and he is literally all the way across the United States.  He is in a different time zone and at times it's easy to forget that. We can't just pick up the phone and talk to each other any time we want... 

He wants to call us at 6:00 am as he's walking to class, but that's 3:00 am back home!  We're out doing something and want to call and ask him a question or just talk and it's 7:00 pm here, but it's 10:00 pm for him!  I've gotten a couple 3:30 am phone calls and texts, but I'm not complaining at all!  

As a Tomoson blogger, I was recently given the opportunity to receive a unique wooden watch at a highly discounted price.  This wood watch as two clock faces so that you can have the time for two different time zones!  How cool is that? 

Monday, September 30, 2019

Cooking With Kids: 20 Recipes Kids Should Know! (Book Giveaway)

  I received product in exchange for my honest opinion!

My kids have been helping me in the kitchen since they were very young! At first it started out simple (helping me stir) and before we knew it, they were both prepping and cooking meals!  In fact, my son has turned out to be a pretty good cook!

If your children already help out in the kitchen, or if you aren't too sure how all of that would work - you need to check out this cookbook, 20 Recipes Kids Should Know.  This book is written and photographed my sisters who aspire to become a chef and a photographer.  The recipes are from Esme, who is only 12 years old and the photographs are by her 17 year old sister, Calista!

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

National Geographic Kids So Cool! So Cute! Series Giveaway!

 I received product in exchange for my honest opinion!

Growing up, I remember reading and looking through looking through my Dad's National Geographic books and loving them.  When my kids were young, I was introduced to National Geographic Kids books and instantly fell in love.  

I have always encouraged my children to look at books and read, even when they were toddlers.  Books let their imaginations run free and take them to places unknown.  Books also fill their minds with knowledge and facts that will fuel them for life!

National Geographic Kids Books is rolling out a brand new series of picture books that are perfect for kids ages 3-7 (preschool - 2nd grade).  To celebrate the release of the first two books in their So Cool! So Cute! series, National Geographic is giving away a very huggable prize pack to one of my readers!  This prize pack includes a hardcover copy of So Cool! Sharks, a hardcover copy of So Cute! Pandas AND adorable shark and panda stuffed animals.