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Three Frugal Party Tips

Jenni from A Well Crafted Party 

Hello Being Frugal readers! My name is Jenni and I blog over at A Well Crafted Party. I like to talk about anything and everything that makes life a party and the many ways to celebrate it. I'm not one of those party people with the gigantic budget though. 
You won't find me wasting spending thousands of dollars on just any old party. In order to fulfill my desire to party all year long I've had to utilize the "frugal fete" and come up with ways to have the party I desire without spending the big bucks. 

Three Frugal Party Tips— Event Planning on a Minuscule Budget

There are a thousand reasons to party, and a very important few (as in the amount of extra money in my bank account) to not party. I try not to let my bank account discourage me from throwing a fabulous event though. I've got a list of three things that will save you money and allow you to throw a fun party without going into debt. 

Putting out desserts that guests brought for our Valentine's Day Potluck. Photo by Motormouth Studios 
Putting out desserts that guests brought for our Valentine's Day Potluck. Photo by Motormouth Studios

Frugal Fete Tip #1: The Potluck

Maybe it is my Oklahoma roots coming out here... but, I love a good potluck. For a more sophisticated version of a potluck ask your guests to bring certain types of dishes or give a theme they can play around on. Potlucks are especially handy when throwing parties with people who love to cook and eat! You'll save a little money on the food, but still get to enjoy the best dishes around. You can even potluck ingredients for a meal if you'd like. Potlucks are a fun way to get people involved in the meal. Just remember that you are asking your guests to help throw your party when you throw a potluck.  

Etiquette tip: I don't really advise the potluck for parties that people often feel that they need to bring a gift, such as showers, birthdays, or weddings. Asking guests to bring dishes for the meal and a gift is a little much. But, read the crowd, sometimes I can't dissuade my awesome friends from bringing drinks or food to parties! If you do happen to throw a potluck for an event that gifts are traditionally given, don't expect gifts as well as food. 

Wine glasses can be used for anything from water, to wine, to signature beverages! Image from my "Real Party: Las Vegas Themed Bridal Shower" 
Wine glasses can be used for anything from water, to wine, to signature beverages! Image from my "Real Party: Las Vegas Themed Bridal Shower

Frugal Fete Tip #2: Use REAL vs DISPOSABLE

Smart Sunscreen Use: Sun Care Tips from Coppertone + $5 Coppertone Coupon


Now that the days are longer and temperatures are beginning to rise, this is the perfect opportunity to pack up the family and head outdoors! But like any parent, I want to make sure that my children are protected from the damaging rays of the sun.  Luckily, we can all rely on Coppertone broad spectrum sunscreens to help protect our families and allow for a relaxing time outdoors. 

Sun Care Tips: Smart Sunscreen Use:

  • Get a head start on the sun.
    • Apply sunscreen 15 minutes before you are exposed to the sun.
  • Don't skimp on sunscreen.
    • Use it liberally and apply it evenly over all exposed skin to ensure complete coverage. Reapply as directed.
  • Cover all the bases.
    • It's easy to overlook spots like the ears, neck, and shoulders, but they need sunscreen too. Remember to grab a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses and to seek shade when the sun is most intense.
  • Follow the numbers.
    • SPF tells you the level of protection a sunscreen provides from sunburn. Use sunscreen with broad spectrum SPF 15 or higher whenever you'll be outdoors.
  • Reapply, reapply, reapply.
    • Apply another coat of sunscreen as needed, at least every 2 hours- and be sure to reapply after swimming, sweating, vigorous activity or toweling off.
  • Select water resistant sunscreens that can keep up with kids.
    • Use water resistant sunscreens with broad spectrum SPF 30 or higher, and look for products that are quick and easy to apply to squirmy kids. (Keep babies under six months of age out of the sun and consult a doctor before applying sunscreen.) 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Beat the Heat with Kids

I don't know what part of the country you live in, but here in Michigan where I am at, we have had one of the WORST heat waves I can ever remember. My kids typically go to a park program during the day and I've pretty much kept them home. With the heat index, it's been well into the triple digits. That's just too hot to be running around outside. My husband said that we did it as kids, but like everything else that has changed from when we were kids (bike helmets, gas prices, etc), I really do not remember EVER having heat waves in Michigan like what we've had the last two summers. 

As you can imagine, the kids are starting to get stir crazy. There's only so many things to do inside before they're climbing the walls. Below are some ideas I put together that you can do with your kids to beat the heat! And please, help a mother out...if you have an idea that I did not list, leave in the comments!! 


Beat the Heat with your Kids!

  • Kids Bowl Free: Are you familiar with this program? It's exactly as it bowl FREE! Bowling alley's throughout the U.S. have been offering a program where children can come and bowl two games a day, seven days a week, all summer long! For more information and to sign up, visit
  • Movie Theater: Similar to the Kids Bowl Free program, there are a lot of local movie theaters that offer kids movies at a reduced rate during the summer. One of my local theaters has $1 shows Monday through Friday. They are movies that have previously been in theaters. But for a can't beat it!
  • Water Balloons: There's something about water balloons that make kids so happy. I don't know if it's the fact that they can throw something at another person or because water explodes everywhere, but kids just love water balloons. Your fingers, on the other hand, will be sore from tying all the balloons...the things we do for our kids!
  • Shaving Cream Fight: When I was in high school, we had a shaving cream/water balloon fight every year on the last day of school. It was so much fun! Get a couple cans of shaving cream at the dollar store, fill up those water balloons and make memories with your kids! I'm telling you, they will never forget the time mom let them make a mess like that! 

Living the Best Life Possible

As a mother of two beautiful children, enjoying the little moments in life give me the most pleasure.  I strive to make lifelong memories with my children, and be the best mom that I can possibly be.  Of course, learning to be responsible, respectful and polite are part of our main focus, having fun is at the top of the list as well.


In order to live the best life possible, you have to be true to yourself!  Don't try to please others, or be someone you aren't.  If you are true to yourself... everything else falls into place.
Live every day to the fullest!  Don't let any opportunity pass you by.
Let your unique qualities shine!  Each one of us has a special, unique quality that is all our own.  Embrace it!

Life is too short!  Don't let things that are out of your control get you down.

Live in the present!  Don't focus on what could have been... let the past remain there and look towards the present and future.  There is a world of opportunities right at your fingertips!

Set goals!  When you have specific goals in mind, life has a greater purpose.

Create a bucket list!  Make a list of everything you would like to accomplish or do.. and get started.  Make your dreams and wishes a reality!

Stay positive!  Even when life gets you down, hold your head up high.  

Surround yourself with encouragement!  Spend time with friends and family that love you for who you are.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Regal Cinemas Dollar Movies

Are you looking for an enjoyable frugal summer activity to share with your children this week?  How about taking them to see one of the family friendly Regal Cinemas Dollar Movies on Tuesday or Wednesday.


Maybe it is too hot to spend a lot of time outside, or maybe it is a little too cold, windy or rainy.  Either way, going to watch a movie is the perfect way to spend a little time together and have fun!

All summer long, you can take the kids to watch a family friendly movie for just $1 at your local Regal Cinemas Theater every Tuesday and Wednesday at 10 AM!

10 Frugal Tips for Saving Money on Food While Traveling On Summer Vacation

Summer is officially in full swing and that means many of us will be taking summer vacations. My husband, our two children and I look forward to our family vacation every summer, and over the past several years have become quite good at planning and creating memories on a frugal budget. 

Here are ten of my favorite frugal tips on how to save money on food and eating out while on family vacation.

  1. Plan Early!  Planning early is probably the biggest money saving tip that I can share!  If you plan your vacation in advance, often times the prices are lower and the deals are better.  This year we reserved and paid for our Oregon beach house rental in January and got winter rates.  Even though we won't vacation until August.
  2. Kids Eat Free!  Look for family friendly restaurants where kids eat free.  Even if that opportunity is only available one day a week, you can save money.  So many restaurants offer that deal and it can really pay off.
  3. Eat Dinner Early!  Many restaurants offer a lunch menu price on their meals if you eat before 4pm.  Plan to eat an early dinner and save!  The portions are still the same but the price is often $2 - $5 cheaper per meal.
  4. Travel Off Season!  Prices are always more expensive during holidays (Spring Break especially) and the summer months.  By traveling during the "off season" you can save a bundle, often 50% or more.  Your family will have a blast no matter what time of the year you travel.
  5. Pack a Cooler!  Whenever we travel, we take a cooler full of drinks and snacks with us.  It's so much cheaper to buy drinks in advance rather than purchasing them when you stop at gas stations and convenience stores along your trip.  Buy a case of water or juice boxes and take them along.  A bag of ice every couple of days will keep them cold and save you a bundle!
  6. Free Continental Breakfast!  If you're going to be staying in a hotel, find one that offers free breakfast.  This could save you $20 or more each day.  Hotels often offer cereal, fresh fruit, waffles, oatmeal, muffins and so much more.                                               

Friday, July 26, 2013

Frugal Tips for Getting a Passport

Last summer we drove into Canada this summer for our family vacation and needed to make sure that we had all of the proper paperwork ready, including passports for each member of our family.  Since passports take an average of 4 - 6 weeks to arrive, getting our them on their way in time was among our top priorities.

We had never applied for passports before, and had no idea where to begin. We heard so many different things from several different people, so it was difficult to know which direction to begin!  Luckily, getting a passport was a quick and painless process.

We chose to get a passport card instead of an actual passport, as it is good for land and sea travel between the US, Canada and Mexico. Passport cards are not good for air travel, but since we won't be flying, it was our best option.  Passport Cards are also much cheaper, making it the frugal choice!

Passport Cards: $30 adult, $15 child
Passports: $110 adult, $80 child
(Plus a $25 processing fee for EACH passport or passport card)

Frugal Tips for Getting a Passport:

Monday, July 22, 2013

Justice Initial YOYO Retractable Bling Lip Gloss (Review & Giveaway)

 Lipstick has never been my thing, I have always been a lip gloss girl!  I love the slight, subtle tint of color and glossy shine.  I also like the variety of flavors and scents that lip gloss come in - fruity ones are my favorite!  My 9 year old daughter is obsessed with lip gloss, and takes hers everywhere with her. 

YOYO Lip Gloss is available in 17 different initial letters and a peace sign, 3 different color and flavor variations are available - Cotton Candy (turquoise), Bubblegum (light pink), and Grape (purple).  Each design is beautifully crystallized with high sparkling glitter.

My daughter and I both love how these lip glosses smell and how pretty they are.  My daughter says that they smell so good that she wants to eat them!  She also said that they are "pretty like jewelry" and that she wishes she could give one to all of her friends.  She was also very excited that hers had an "S" on it for her name.

These fun lip glosses can easily be clipped on to a belt, pocket or school bag for quick and easy access.  These glosses solve the lost lip gloss dilemma, never search for your gloss again!

Muddy Miles Mud Run - North Idaho's Muddiest Race!

Mud runs and color runs are all the rage, and this summer my daughter and I were fortunate enough to do both for the very first time!  Over the weekend we got down and dirty, and ran through the mud at the Muddy Miles foot race.


Muddy Miles is North Idaho's Muddiest Race!  2 miles of mud, fun and obstacles. Flying water balloons and silly string from those innocent by-standers. Ducking and dodging through the mud and puddles as you tromp and prance through, over and around obstacles.

I have always wanted to find a big mud pit and run through it, or even better yet get into a mud fight... FINALLY, my daughter and I were able to mark that off of our bucket list!  We showed up at Muddy Miles early enough to watch some of the other participants get stuck in the mud.  We were both laughing and couldn't wait for it to be our turn.

We made sure that our shoes were tied tight (or so I thought), and when it was our turn we ran straight into the thickest, sloppiest, deepest mud I have ever been in.  It was thick, knee deep and sucked my right shoe off in a matter of minutes!  I guess it wasn't tied as tightly as I thought it was.  So, up to my elbow it was as I pulled my shoe out of the muck.


My daughter was ahead of me and when she turned around to see where I was at, she realized what had happened and instantly started laughing... I took one look at her and knew that she was having the time of her life!  She was already covered from head to toe in mud and we weren't even 5 minutes into the course. 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

National Lollypop Day: See's Candy - FREE Lollypop (July 20th Only)

To help celebrate National Lollypop Day, See's Candy is offering FREE lollypops all day long!  My favorites are the butterscotch and caramel - they are absolutely delicious!

Is there a See's Candies near you?

Friday, July 19, 2013

1SaleADay Family Sell-Off - Amazing Fashion Deals Every 30 Minutes!

For the third day in a row, 1SaleADay is having a sell off.  Today you can get a new fashion deal every 30 minutes!  I've been a huge fan of 1SaleADay for quite some time now and am always amazed at their low prices, great deals, and freebies! 

Today I will be checking in as often as I can to see how many amazing fashion deals I can pick up, and even better yet... how many freebies I can grab!  

It's a great way to stock up on affordable Christmas and birthday gifts!  Or maybe even a few new things for yourself!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

New Jewelry Deal Every 30 Minutes! Sell Off - Freebies and Incredible Deals!


Wow!  Today only, 1SaleADay is having a jewelry sell off with a beautiful new deal every 30 minutes!  I've been a huge fan of 1SaleADay for quite some time now and am always amazed at their low prices, great deals, and freebies! 

Today I will be checking in as often as I can to see how many amazing jewelry deals I can pick up, and even better yet... how many freebies I can grab!  

It's a great way to stock up on affordable Christmas and birthday gifts!

Real Kids Shades: Protective, Stylish Sunglasses for Children & Infants (Review & Giveaway)

Everyone loves the sun. And everyone knows the sun can really damage skin - especially to kids’.  As parents, we are very careful to cover our children head to toe with sunscreen, but often forget how important it is to protect their eyes as well.  Most parents simply don’t realize the sun can also cause permanent and irreparable damage to their children’s eyes. In fact, children’s eyes are at increased risk for permanent eye damage from sunlight until they’re 10-years-old. 

Real Kids Shades are designed with children in mind.  Their infant and kids' sunglasses are specifically designed with children in mind: award winning designs, shatterproof and impact resistant and perfect for even the most active children!  They are fun, stylish, comfortable (flexible and bendable) and provide 100% protection from harmful UV rays.

Did you know that 82% of parents make sure their children are wearing sunscreen, but only 32% tell their children to wear sunglasses?

One of my favorite aspects about Real Kids Shades, other than the fact that they protect my children's eyes, is that they fit my kids little faces perfectly!  So many kids sunglasses don't fit properly and are always falling off or let the sun shine in through the sides.  

My kids have worn their Real Kids Shades in our jeep with the top down and on our boat out on the lake, and they have never had an issue with them slipping or sliding down.  The neoprene bands keep their sunglasses in place, and help make sure they don't lose them.

My kids both love their new sunglasses because they say the look like Dad's sunglasses.  My daughter loves hers because they are pink, of course.

I love the fact that there are a variety of styles that are specifically designed by age; from 0 - 12 years old, making it easy to choose the perfect sunglasses for your child.  My First Shades are simply adorable and designed for 0-24 months and 2-5 years.  Lets face it, infants wearing sunglasses are simply adorable.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

1SaleADay Family Sell-Off - Amazing Deals Every 30 Minutes! (Freebies Included!)


 Today, 1SaleADay is having a family sell off with a new door busting deal every 30 minutes!  I've been a huge fan of 1SaleADay for quite some time now and am always amazed at their low prices, great deals, and freebies!

Today I will be checking in as often as I can to see how many amazing deals I can pick up, and even better yet... how many freebies I can grab!

Have you ever purchased anything from 1SaleADay?

Monday, July 15, 2013

Old El Paso Stand ‘N Stuff Taco Night Prize Pack & Walmart Gift Card Giveaway

We love tacos so much in our house that Taco Tuesday can be any night of the week!  When I was recently given the opportunity to try the new Old El Paso Stand ‘N Stuff® Tortillas and Old El Paso Mexican Cooking Sauces with my family, I was thrilled!


We usually use large soft tortillas for our tacos, and I roll them up tightly like a burrito making them easy for the kids to eat.  So when they saw the "odd looking" tacos on their dinner plates, they weren't too sure what to think.  However, they love tacos and dug right in!  Each of them finishing their first one and going back for seconds!

The  Old El Paso Stand ‘N Stuff Tortillas are easy to fill, even easier to hold, and are the perfect size for filling with all your favorite taco fixins'.  I love that the tortilla shell stood up on its own, making it super easy to fill.  No more trying to hold the taco shell with one hand while trying to fill it with the other - which ultimately left a huge mess on your plate and have of your taco fillings not inside the taco.

The Old El Paso Mexican Cooking Sauces come in three flavorful varieties: Roasted Tomato (our personal favorite), Chili and Roasted Garlic, and Chipotle (our least favorite - but we aren't a "hot & spicy" family).  These cooking sauces are perfect for tacos, burritos, fajitas, shepherd's pie and so much more!

Family taco night just got easier!

July Blog Giveaways

With the kids being home for summer, my main focus is obviously with them and less on entering blog giveaways.  We are having so much fun swimming, fishing, boating, and other fun summer activities that my blogging pace slows way down.  I haven't won any blog giveaways in the past couple of weeks, but the fun I'm having with my kids is worth more than any win!

If you have a little time, be sure to enter the current giveaways here at Being Frugal and Making it Work:

Friday, July 12, 2013

Krispy Kreme: Buy One Dozen Get the 2nd Dozen for Just 76 Cents! (7/13 Only)

 Krispy Kreme is celebrating their 76th birthday and wants to share it with you!  Tomorrow, July 13, Krispy Kreme is offering a dozen of its signature Original Glazed doughnuts for only 76 cents with the purchase of an Original Glazed dozen at regular price. No coupon required.

What type of Krispy Kreme doughnut is your favorite?

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Breakfast at Home Makes Cents - General Mills Cereal + $25 Visa Gift Card Giveaway

With two kids that love cereal for breakfast, it's important that I keep our pantry stocked with all their favorite breakfast cereals.  Big G cereals like Honey Nut Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Lucky Charms are among their favorites.


So, as a frugal mom and shopper, whenever I find a cereal sale and a printable coupon, it's time to stock up our cereal shelf in the pantry.  Dry or in a bowl with milk, my kids love cereal and would eat an entire box in one meal if I were to allow it.  

This summer and just in time for back to school, you can save BIG on your children's favorite General Mills breakfast cereals including Honey Nut Cheerios, Lucky Charms, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch and more... Simply visit Breakfast at Home Makes Cents and select the coupons you want to print.  New coupons are added each month, so visit often!

7 Eleven: FREE Slurpee Today Only (7/11)

Do you love Slurpees?  Today only 7/11, you can get an ice cold FREE slurpee at 7 Eleven from 11 am to 7 pm.  Free Small Slurpee. No coupon required. No Purchase Required. 

My kids LOVE slurpees, so I will be taking them to our local 7 Eleven this afternoon for a cool summer treat!  

Will you be taking your kids (or yourself) to get a free Slurpee at 7 Eleven today?

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Jamba Juice Fruit & Veggie Smoothies - Jamba Kids (Review)

Last week record high temperatures hit our region without warning, it went from mid-60's to 103 overnight and it was  pure torture on us.  Of course we love the summer and all of the fun activities that come along with it, but when you step outside and instantly start to sweat, you have to find creative ways to beat the heat!

That's why the kids and I got up early one day last week to beat the heat and run errands. Our first stop was Jamba Juice to try their new fruit and veggie smoothies, and then it was off to the discount movies!

Did you know that only 1% of adults and 2% of children actually get their required amount of both fruit and veggies each day?  As a parent, I find those percentages disturbing.  Did you know that all Jamba Juice fruit and veggie smoothies contain two servings of fruit and one serving of veggies in every blended smoothie?  Delicious, satisfying, real whole fruit and vegetable juice with no added sugar!

Both of my kids love fresh fruit smoothies but typically go for the strawberry and banana versions.  This time I ordered for them, telling them that they were going to be surprised with something new!  I told them if they didn't like it they didn't have to finish them.  I knew that wasn't going to be an issue.

I ordered Jamba Kids Berry Beet It Smoothies for both kids.  It is a delicious blend of strawberries (bonus points), mangos, bananas (more bonus points), and mixed berry juice with carrots, beets, broccoli, spinach, kale and lettuce.  While my children love vegetables, if they knew what mixture they were  about to drink I'm not sure they would have tried it.  Let's be honest, it really doesn't sound too good!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Snack Happy with Smart Balance JOLLY TIME Popcorn (Review & Giveaway)

Whenever I ask my kids what they want for dessert, most of the time their answer is popcorn!  Most kids their age would be asking for ice cream, cake or something similar... but not my kiddos.  They love popcorn and eat it any chance they get.

As a mom that wants to make sure that my children eat healthier options, knowing that Jolly Time popcorn contains the Smart Balance patented blend of oils that help support heart health, and their exclusive natural ButterCrisp flavor that makes it delicious!

Every handful is perfectly light, fluffy, and crisp.  Their 100% whole grain kernels are packed with mouth-watering, melted buttery goodness with zero grams of trans fat and zero hydrogenated oil.

Popcorn makes the perfect snack for at home or while on the go.  It it quick and easy to make, in fact my kids can put a bag in the microwave and make themselves a quick snack without needing any help!  Perfect for dessert, movie night, or just because!

I recently made the switch to Smart Balance Jolly Time popcorn and my kids didn't even notice.  They love it just the same, and I'm happy to be giving them a healthier version of their favorite snack! 

A Day of Birthday Freebies!

Today is my birthday, and I love redeeming all of the great birthday freebies that come my way!  This morning the kids woke me up with Eggo waffles topped with syrup and mini chocolate chips.  Mid-morning we joined a few friends and their kids for a couple of hours at the splash pad before heading into town to redeem some of my birthday freebies!
  • Free Large Papa Murphy's Pizza from 103.1 KCDA as a member of their birthday club
  • 50 Swag Bucks
  • 100 Disney Movie Reward Points
  • $5 Shop Your Way Rewards Points - redeemed for FREE socks (frugal back-to-school shopping) 
  • Free ANY Starbucks coffee

Have you received any great freebie offers lately?

Monday, July 8, 2013

Destination Perfect: Daily's Cocktails - The Perfect Tropical Summer Frozen Treat! (Review & Giveaway)

What could be better than relaxing on the beach or by the pool,  whole enjoying a fruity frozen drink on a hot summer day?  

Nothing says summer like a refreshing frozen drink.  That's why I love Daily's frozen cocktails, they are like a refreshing slushie for adults!  Just in time for summer, Daily’s has some great new light and tropical flavors available:

Tropical Pina Colada
Tropical Bahama Mama
Tropical Hurricane
Tropical Blue Hawaiian
Light Strawberry Margarita
Light Pink Lemonade
Light Margarita
Light Mango Passion Fruit Daiquiri

Daily's Cocktails require no mixing of ingredients, ice or blenders. Simply place the liquid pouch in the freezer for five hours (or until frozen), gently massage, tear open the top, squeeze to pour into a glass and enjoy a smooth frozen wine cocktail!

I love the fact that I can enjoy a delicious frozen cocktail in a matter of minutes...  All Daily’s flavors are made with real fruit and the freshest ingredients: succulent strawberries, luscious lemons, creamy coconuts and more. My personal favorites are Tropical Pina Colada - coconut and pineapple perfection and Tropical Bahama Mama.  However, every flavor I have tried have been cool, refreshing and delicious!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Have a Safe & Happy July 4th

Whether you're going camping, having a bbq, attending a family reunion, spending the day at the beach, or just relaxing... I hope you have a fun, safe and Happy 4th of July!

What are your plans for the 4th of July?

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

What Makes You Smile? #FABsmile Review & Giveaway

We all have different things, places or people that make us smile!  My children make me smile on a daily basis, so does hearing them laugh and seeing them happy.  Certain places and memories put a fab smile on my face as well!  To keep your smile look as fab as possible,  did you know that the American Dental Association recommends replacing your toothbrush every three months?

Be honest, how often do you actually replace your toothbrush?  I'll admit that I often forget to purchase new toothbrushes for my family, and usually wait until we get new ones from the dentist at our regular 6 month check-ups.

As a member of the Mom It Forward Blogger Network, I am being compensated with product from for my participation in the #FABsmile blog tour campaign. 

FlossAndBrush makes it easy to always have new toothbrushes every three months. How? By paying just $1.00 per month, per person in your family, they will ship a box of fresh, quality toothbrushes and floss right to your home – one for each member of your family. 

In fact, it is the first system in the world that actually helps keep families accountable for daily flossing and changing their toothbrush every three months.  They currently offer four floss and brush packages:

Monday, July 1, 2013

Frugal DIY Healthy Snacks: Squooshi Reusable Food Pouches!

Do you make your own baby food or love to take healthy snacks when you take long car trips or take the kids shopping?  Adorably designed, Squooshi reusable food pouches are fun for kids of all ages and you'll appreciate the cost savings of DIY... Save up to hundreds of dollars annually! With Squooshi you can store, freeze, and serve all from the same container.

Squooshi food pouches are reusable and uniquely designed so they are fun for kids, helpful for parents, and better for our environment. 

Use Code FAMILYGUIDE for a FREE set of replacement caps with your order!

NoMoreRack Deals: Save 50-80% Off Retail + Get $10 Off Your First Order!

If you have followed Being Frugal and Making it Work for any time at all, you know that I love getting great deals on every purchase I make.  Whether I'm shopping inside the store itself or online, I'm looking for great bargains!  My newest addiction in online shopping is Nomorerack!

I fell in love with Nomorerack about a month ago, the deals are simply amazing! They offer such a wide variety too - clothing for the entire family, shoes, jewelry, household items, electronics and so much more!  You're only dilemma is going to be knowing when to stop adding items to your shopping cart!

I ordered 4 super cute summer dresses for just $29 shipped!  I was able to score free shipping because of their recent 3-day event.  However, shipping is only $2 per item, so still very affordable!  When my daughter saw them, she loved them and asked if she could have one too...  Yes, we are wearing the same size dresses in the picture below!

Nomorerack is the online shopping destination for those who want quality brand named apparel and accessories for 50-80% off retail!  They carry a variety of incredible products with super low prices!