Sunday, November 30, 2014

Go Flameless with Candle Warmers (Holiday Gift Guide ~ Review & Giveaway)

I was provided the featured product free of charge to facilitate my review, but all opinions are 100% mine. 


Nothing is quite as soothing as a house that smells good!  Two of my favorite ways to make our house smell good are by baking and scented candles!   As a mom who worries about everything, I love the fact that Candle Warmers don't require a flame like ordinary candles. I don't have to worry about the kids (or pets) knocking them over and starting a fire or getting burned by them.  I also don't have to worry about forgetting to blow them out or turn them off when I leave the house, after all it's just a light bulb! 

Candle Warmers give off the perfect amount of scent and it fills the entire room. We have a large bedroom and living room, so I know that the warmer works very well. Perfect for any size room, big or small.  The scent even reaches down the hallway and into the other rooms in our house. 

Candler Warmers are available in a variety of stylish and decorative lamps, crocks, plates, and plug-ins!  They even carry a variety of holiday warmers as well, including an adorable snowman and Santa!

Tin Punched Candle Warmer Lantern

A few of my personal favorites include:

30 Days of Thanks ~ Day 30

Wow!  November is over, and tomorrow begins the last month of 2014!  I still can't believe it.  


Today I'm thankful that I was able to complete the #30DaysofThanks challenge.  It helped remind me of why I'm so lucky and that the little things really do matter most!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

30 Days of Thanks ~ Day 29

Today I am thankful that I'm 100% finished with my Christmas shopping!  I can't wait to see the kids faces on Christmas morning when they unwrap their gifts!


Friday, November 28, 2014

30 Days of Thanks ~ Day 28

How are you doing this afternoon?  I'm trying to recover from too much Thanksgiving dinner!  We spend Thanksgiving at my parents house every year.  They live in the same small town where I grew up.  My cell phone doesn't work there and they don't have internet.

Today I am thankful for those moments when I can take a step back, away from the craziness, and reflect on the little things.  The little things in life are often the most important!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

30 Days of Thanks ~ Day 27

Today I am thankful for family, friends, and good food!


HAPPY THANKSGIVING from our family to yours!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

30 Days of Thanks ~ Day 26

Today I am thankful for the Oregon Coast and all of the family memories it has provided us with over they years!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

30 Days of Thanks ~ Day 25

Our dogs have always been a part of our family.  Our dogs are not pets... they are family!  There are some days when I can't tell if my dogs or my kids are more spoiled!  Losing them is one of the worst feelings out there, it hurts!

Today, my parents lost their family member... Duke.  He turned 13 in October, and my almost 14 year old son picked him out when he was 7 months old.  Duke has been a loyal friend and guardian to our children since they were born.

Today I am thankful for our pets and the memories we have with them! 

Monday, November 24, 2014

Give a Gift of Inspiration: The Universe Knows (Holiday Gift Guide ~ Review & Giveaway)

I was provided the featured product free of charge to facilitate my review, but all opinions are 100% mine. 

Even though we all have what it takes to accomplish anything we set out to do, we are often our own worst enemy. Instead of taking action, we over-analyze and over-think every little thing that doesn't go exactly as planned. Rather than "going for it", we judge ourselves too strongly, worry about too many things and let life pass us by.


Why not give someone a little encouragement and inspiration this holiday season? 

The best seller at The Universe Knows is their collection of brightly colored inspirational mugs.  These bistro mugs make a unique gift for any holiday or special occasion. These mugs are big enough to wrap your hands around, and inspiring enough to make and day brighter!

 Why do I love these coffee mugs so much?
  • They are inspirational and encouraging!
  • They come in bright, bold colors!
  • They can brighten even the darkest day!
  • They make the perfect gift!
  • They are dishwasher and microwave safe!

Another thing that I love about these amazing coffee mugs is that they are easy to hold and durable!  You can feel the quality when you hold them, and they are easy and comfortable to hold and drink from.   

30 Days of Thanks ~ Day 24

Up until two years ago, I was lucky enough to be a stay at home mom.  Four years ago I decided to start subbing at my children's school in addition to my many hours and days of volunteering.  After a year, I had been moved up to daily lunch yard duty, and then last year I was hired as a Parapro in the Title room!

Today I am thankful for my job and the wonderful people I work with!  I also love the kids that I'm lucky enough to work with - every day is something new!  I also love the fact that I get the same days off work that the kids get off school.  It doesn't get much better than that.

Nutrisystem’s My Way Plan ~ Non-Scale Victories (Week 9 Results)

In exchange for participating in the Nutrisystem #NSNation Blogger Program, I will receive the Nutrisystem My Way program, free of charge, which includes food and support services for three consecutive months.  All opinions are my own.

"Focusing too firmly on a specific number can cause you to miss out on other significant changes you're experiencing. It's these NSVs (or non-scale victories) that can prove to be even more meaningful, and maintainable, than what the scale says." ~ Nutrisystem Blog

As much as I tend to stress about my weight on the scale, I know that weight loss is about so much more.  There are so many different factors that dictate weight loss, weight gain, and maintaining weight.  

Here are a few of my personal non-scale victories over the past nine weeks: 

Double Your Savings When You Buy Gift Cards at Albertsons! #Alb2xdip

This is a sponsored post.  All opinions are mine.

This can be a stressful time of the year for those who haven't started their holiday shopping.  With everything going on, it can be difficult to find the time and energy to shop for the perfect gift. 

Christmas is right around the corner, and now is a great time to think about those last minute gift items on your shopping list.  I shop year round and purchase great gifts anytime I find a great deal.  Having a gift stock-pile" on hand, comes in handy year round.  After all, being frugal is the name of my game!

Visa and Cold Stone Creamery are two of my "go-to" gift cards for gift giving.  My children love giving them to their friends, and their friends always say they give the coolest gifts!  Whether you're giving or receiving... you really can't go wrong with a gift card!  

Use gift cards like cash when you shop this Black Friday, and save even more! Now at Albertsons you can save up to $23 when you buy $100 or more in select gift cards! Here's how:  

Sunday, November 23, 2014

30 Days of Thanks ~ Day 23

My kiddos are still young, and my husband and i both want to fill their childhood with fun memories. Family time is important to all of us, and we always make the time to spend together doing fun things.  We know that our kids aren't going to be this age for long, and before we know it they will be grown.


Making the most out of our time together is always a top priority!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

30 Days of Thanks ~ Day 22

Yesterday was my sister-in-laws birthday and today is my younger sisters birthday.  I know that growing older isn't always that fun, and our birthdays aren't as exciting as they were when we were kids.  But, I'm happy that I have them to grow older with!

Today, I am thankful for sisters!

Friday, November 21, 2014

30 Days of Thanks ~ Day 21

Today I am thankful for babies!

I love everything about babies... their adorable little toes and fingers, their sweet little faces, and cuddling with them!

LG OLED is the Perfect Family Gift from Best Buy this Holiday Season!

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.


Every year for Christmas, technology and electronics are among the hottest gift items.  Last year I bought my husband a new flat screen tv and sound bar for the living room, my daughter a handheld gaming device, and my son an iPod.

Even though the items I purchased last year were the top of the line, and the latest and greatest --- there are so many new and exciting items available now that are even more fabulous!  That is on thing about technology, it is always improving.

If you are shopping for a new tv or the perfect family gift this Christmas, Discover LG OLED TV – The Ultimate Display!


What is OLED TV?

Thursday, November 20, 2014

30 Days of Thanks ~ Day 20

I love being a blogger and everything that comes with it.  Of course there are days when I'm struggling to keep up and meet deadlines, but the pros out-weigh the cons by miles!

Today I am thankful to do something that I love, share it with my readers, and provide great giveaways all year round, especially during the holidays!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Nutrisystem’s My Way Plan ~ Weekly Motivation! (Week 8 Results)

In exchange for participating in the Nutrisystem #NSNation Blogger Program, I will receive the Nutrisystem My Way program, free of charge, which includes food and support services for three consecutive months.  All opinions are my own.

The exact day I started my most recent weight loss journey with Nutrisystem, I started a 12 week Get Fit program at the gym.  We meet two nights a week for 30 minutes and alternate through different cardio and weight circuits.  There are four wonderful ladies in my group and we get our butts kicked every week by our encouraging trainer.

There are times when I think that my body is going to give out, that my legs are going to fall out from underneath me and that my arms are not going to be able to hold me up!  There are times where I have sweat dripping off my face and that I feel that it is impossible to take another step.  Then I hear it... "Come on Ladies, You're Doing Great!  You Are Rock Stars!" 

Diabetes Awareness Month ~ Healthy Habits for a Healthy Life!

This post is part of the HEALTHY ESSENTIALS® 2014 program by Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc. and The Motherhood, who sent me a box of products and compensated me for my time. Opinions, experiences and photos shared here are all my own, and I hope you enjoy them.


If you would have asked me ten years ago who I knew with diabetes, I would have said my grandparents.  I never would have thought it was something that affected children, or young people.  Today, I know several people of all ages (including young children) that have diabetes.  I have come to realize that things we may think of only as affecting "old people" or "overweight people" don't discriminate.

I've also come to learn that diabetes isn't an excuse to stop doing what you love and enjoy.  It doesn't have to hold you back and there are steps that can be taken to help support your overall health and lessen the effects of diabetes.

November is Diabetes Awareness Month and I'm going to share some helpful information that was provided to me by J&J and The Motherhood.

30 Days of Thanks ~ Day 19

Hello!  I still can't believe how fast this month (and year) has gone by... before we know it Thanksgiving will be here, then Christmas and then the New Year!  It is important to make sure that you enjoy every single moment of every single day.


We aren't guaranteed tomorrow, so today I am thankful for today!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

30 Days of Thanks ~ Day 18

I'm so lucky to be a mom, wife and an Auntie!!  I love being able to spend time with my nieces and nephews and spoil them rotten!  Even though I don't get to see them as often as I would like, I enjoy every single moment I can with them!


Today, I am thankful for my adorable nieces and nephews and the fact that my kids are lucky enough to have them as cousins!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Mrs. Cavanaugh's Chocolates ~ Buy 1 lb Get 1 lb FREE!

I will be receiving a sample of Mrs. Cavanaugh's Chocolates in exchange for sharing the following information and a review.

Time was when Marie Cavanaugh spent hours in her South Dakota farmhouse each Christmas season making pecan rolls and homemade chocolates for holiday gifting.


"It started when my aunt sent her pecan-rolls recipe," Mrs. Cavanaugh recalled. "I gave the recipe my own touch and started making the yummy specialties. Then I began dipping chocolates. Our friends and neighbors loved these treats, encouraging me to start a candy business. Finally, I decided it might be a good idea.'"

Her husband George and children Carla, Lorraine, Calvin, Colene and Genise rallied, helping Mrs. Cavanaugh fill demands for her homemade sweets.

Honolulu Jewelry Company: Silver Turtle Pendant (Holiday Gift Guide ~ Review & Giveaway)

I was provided the featured product free of charge to facilitate my review, but all opinions are 100% mine. 

Although I've never been to Hawaii, I've always dreamed of going to Maui and Honolulu!  Maybe one day I will be able to cross that trip off of my bucket list, but until then I can easily bring a little bit of Hawaii into my life thanks to the Honolulu Jewelry Company.


Since 1981, Honolulu Jewelry Company has delighted its customers with the finest Hawaiian Jewelry.  I was fortunate enough to receive an adorable Turtle Silver Pendant.  My daughter happens to adore turtles, so this beautiful necklace is going to make the perfect gift!  My daughter has always wanted to swim with a dolphin and sea turtle... so maybe one day her dream will come true as well.

When I think of Hawaii, I think of totem poles, tropical flowers, sea turtles, luaus, volcanoes, sandy beaches and crystal blue water.  The Honolulu Jewelry Company carries a beautiful variety of jewelry that embraces all of your favorite things about the vacation paradise... Hawaiian jewelry, rings and pendants that feature sea life, waves, and flowers. 

30 Days of Thanks ~ Day 17

One word... FAMILY!  I am thankful every single moment for my wonderful family!  I can't imagine what life would be like without them and I enjoy every moment we spend together!


Today I am thankful for my beautiful and quirky daughter!  She is a straight A student and a Girl Scout.  Not a single day goes by that she doesn't make me laugh.  She can make me smile even on my most difficult days!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

30 Days of Thanks ~ Day 16

I've already said that I'm thankful for wonderful family and amazing husband!  Today I am thankful for my smart, handsome, athletic, teenage son!  He makes me proud every single day and gives me hope that his dad and I must be doing something right!

He is a straight A student, ASB president, a star wrestler and a member of Idaho Drugs Free Youth, Leadership and National Junior Honors Society!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

30 Days of Thanks ~ Day 15

Today I am thankful for my wonderful husband.  We have been married for 15 1/2 years and not a day goes by that he doesn't prove that he is 110% there for the kids and I!  I can't imagine where I would be without him.

Friday, November 14, 2014

30 Days of Thanks ~ Day 14

My daughter has been a Girl Scout in the same troop, with the same girls since she was in Kindergarten!  Six years, tons of fun memories, and life skills that will make her a better person!  We had a troop meeting today, and all of the girls worked together to make paracord bracelets for their "Survivor Girl" theme this year!


We have lots of fun and exciting meetings, outings and adventures planned for this year that all focus on survivor skills.  It is going to be a great Girl Scout season with lots of fun, laughs, memories, and life lessons!

Today I am thankful that my daughter and I are both part of an amazing Girl Scout troop!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

30 Days of Thanks ~ Day 13

I have a wonderfully supportive family, an amazing husband and two beautiful children!  There isn't a day that goes by that I don't realize how lucky I am. 


Today I am thankful for FAMILY... without them, I would be nothing!

Lego Juniors Batman: Defend The Batcave ~ To the Batcave, Robin!

This is a sponsored post written as part of the Walmart Toyland campaign.  All views and opinions expressed are my own.

This past Saturday, my daughter and I headed to our local Walmart to check out all the hottest toys #ChosenByKids and landed one my daughter's favorite toys of all time --- a new LEGO set!

Lego Juniors Batman: Defend The Batcave was just one of the fun choices from the Lego Juniors building sets.  The great thing about Lego Juniors is the fact that they are easy to build!

My daughter has been a huge LEGO fan for several years now and has more sets than I have ever known any one child to own.  One section of our living room and the entire air hockey table has been turned into a LEGO city.

Whether it's a LEGO building set with over a thousand pieces, or a small Lego kit with 50 pieces, my daughter wants to build it and play with it!  The hours she spends building and using her imagination is incredible!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Starbucks - Buy One Holiday Drink Get One FREE! ( November 12–16th)

Need a little afternoon pick-me-up to get you through the rest of your day?  Or how about rewarding yourself with something a little sweet... Today through Sunday, Starbucks will give you a second drink of equal or lesser value absolutely free when you purchase any holiday drink.

We don't visit Starbucks often, but my kids love their hot chocolate and vanilla steamers.  As a special holiday treat for both of them getting straight A's on their report cards for the first quarter of the school year, I will be taking them to Starbucks to celebrate.  Straight A's deserve a special reward!

30 Days of Thanks ~ Day 12

This week has been brutally cold!  Below freezing all day long, a balmy 9 degrees as the kids and I head off to school.  It is so cold outside that it hurts to walk from the house to the car!

Today I am thankful for automatic start, fuzzy vests and stretchy gloves!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Nutrisystem’s My Way Plan ~ No Excuses! (Week 7 Results)

In exchange for participating in the Nutrisystem #NSNation Blogger Program, I will receive the Nutrisystem My Way program, free of charge, which includes food and support services for three consecutive months.  All opinions are my own.

I can't believe how much progress I have made since beginning my weight loss journey with Nutrisystem just 7 weeks ago.  When I started, I was all about losing weight and seeing that dreaded number on the scale drop each week. 

Now I realize that my journey is about so much more than just losing weight... it's also about what I'm gaining in the process!

What I've lost:
  1. Weight - The pounds are coming off!
  2. Inches - My measurements are shrinking... My pants are baggy and I need a belt!
  3. Excuses - No more, Oh I'll start tomorrow - or next week!

What I've gained:

30 Days of Thanks ~ Day 11: Happy Veterans Day!

Today is Veterans Day and I am thankful for all of those who have served our country and have sacrificed so much for our freedom!  My dad, both grandfather's, and several of my uncles have all served our country in different branches of the military.  My dad was in the Army and was stationed in Germany in the early 70's.  

Our freedom does not come free... Today, both of my children's school will be having a Veterans Day celebration with videos, slide shows and having the students write letters to thank our Veterans.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Show Your Team Spirit ~ Custom Apparel by MyLocker!

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for MyLocker. I received product samples to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.


Showing your school or team spirit is both fun and important!  My son is part of a wrestling club and part of his junior high wrestling team, and could wear a different Hawks shirt everyday of the week.  Of course, my husband and my daughter have them as well, because we are proud of our wrestler and want to show support for both him and his teammates.  Many of his teammates are like part of the family!

As much as I love the team apparel and school apparel that you can purchase through the clubs, schools, local drug store, and sporting events; I also love being unique and giving my family a few custom t-shirts and hoodies that are our own.  Custom apparel is the perfect way to show your team spirit and stand out above the crowd!

I was recently introduced to MyLocker and given the opportunity to test it out.  I had never heard of this website before, but was excited to create something personal and unique for my son and husband.

My son has been wrestling for the same club for 8 years now, and my husband has been the club president for the past 3 years. That's why it was an easy decision for me... I had to design some custom apparel for my son and husband to represent their wrestling team!


30 Days of Thanks ~ Day 10

There is something that I love about every season.  Whether it be the pretty flowers, warm days at the lake, the color of fall leaves, or fresh snow on the mountains.  Each season has its own unique beauty and memories that it beings.

That being said, we woke up this morning to the first snow of the year!  Today, I am thankful for the first snow and its beauty.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

30 Days of Thanks ~ Day 9

It's a rainy Sunday.  I was able to sleep in this morning, and since waking up I've been enjoying coffee while covered up under a blanket watching movies on tv.  We are a busy family, but it's rare days like this that we can simply relax and be lazy.

Today I'm thankful for lazy days!  No schedules, no deadlines, and no place to be at any certain time.  A free day, 100%!

Handmade Personalized & Monogrammed Jewelry: Sweet Blossom Gifts (Holiday Gift Guide ~ Review)

I was provided with a product free of charge to facilitate my review, but all opinions are 100% mine.

Since becoming a mother, I'm all about creating memories, traditions and keepsakes for my children.  When you find something that has special meaning, whether it be a photo, piece of jewelry or something passed down for generations, you need to grab hold tight and never let go.

I have rings, necklaces and earrings that were my moms and my grandmother's that I cherish very much.  I can't wait to pass them on to my own daughter one day and be able to keep these memories moving through our family.  One day, my daughter will be able to pass them on as well. 

If you are looking for personal and unique gift items, Sweet Blossom Gifts has what you're looking for.  From personalized pendants, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings.  You can choose from a variety of handmade gifts for men, women and children of all ages ~ perfect for parents and grandparents.

Sweet Blossom Gifts features a great selection of personalized and monogrammed gifts for every occasion.  Their selection of personalized hand stamped necklaces, personalized key chains and Daddy necklaces are just a few of their customer favorites.


Saturday, November 8, 2014

Adorable Mix & Match Designer Baby Clothes: Zutano (Holiday Gift Guide ~ Review & Giveaway)

I was provided the featured product free of charge to facilitate my review, but all opinions are 100% mine. 


 As much as I love baby clothes, the frugal part of me wants to make sure I can get the most out of every item I purchase.  Let's face it, babies outgrow everything (especially clothes) in the blink of an eye.  Mix and match baby clothes are the perfect answer! Long and short sleeve tops, bottoms (pants and shorts), and socks that interchange with one another, no matter what the weather.  Simply put... mix and match baby clothes means fewer outfits and more options!

With more people choosing not to learn the gender of their baby until birth, unisex clothing is always a smart choice.  Zutano offers adorable, unique baby clothes for boys, girls and unisex!

30 Days of Thanks ~ Day 8

I know it's only the beginning of November, and many of you probably haven't even started your holiday shopping yet.  However, today I am thankful that I am done with my Christmas shopping!  That's right!!  I have all of the gifts, now they just need wrapped.

I can't wait to see the kids faces on Christmas morning when they open up their packages!

Friday, November 7, 2014

30 Days of Thanks ~ Day 7

TGIF!  I've always said that it's the little things in life that make the biggest difference!  Today, I'm thankful for the fact that the work week is over.  I'm ready to spend the weekend with my wonderful husband and two amazing children!


Cheers to the weekend!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

30 Days of Thanks ~ Day 6

Tonight my family enjoyed a wonderful evening with Disney On Ice!  We have had the pleasure of attending several shows over the past few years, and we always have a great time.

Today I am thankful for the memories that I'm able to make with my children!  Every moment is precious and too short.  They grow up so quickly, so it's important to take the time!  When they grow up, I know that my kids are going to remember the time my husband and I spent with them!

Kids Can "Be Who They Wanna Be" With Littlest Pet Shop!

I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Influence-Central for Littlest Pet Shop. I received a sample to facilitate my review and a thank you item for participating. 

Back when I was a kid, we rarely played indoors and spend most of our free time outside! Riding bikes, playing tag, making mud pies, using our imaginations.  Now days, it seems as though most young children would rather sit in front of the tv or play video games.

As a parent, I want my children to be active learners even during play.  Being creative and using their imaginations is essential for children in their journey to "be who they wanna be!"  

My daughter has been a fan of Littlest Pet Shop since she was about 3 years old.  I think they are absolutely adorable.  I love their cute little faces and bright, happy colors.  There is just something about them that makes us smile.

I love the fact that when my daughter and her BFFs (yes, she has more than one) get together, they want to play, be active, use their imaginations, and have fun together!  Sure, they might play a video game every now and then - but for the most part that are creating and moving!

Just this past week a few of them got together and made paracord bracelets, went on a scavenger hunt in the back yard and then came inside to play with their dolls and Littlest Pet Shop toys.


With the Littlest Pet Shop app, kids can bring their favorite pets to life, virtually.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

30 Days of Thanks ~ Day 5

Another day, another dollar, another memory made.  I am the oldest of three children, I have a younger brother and a younger sister.  Today, I am thankful for the fact that my son and daughter each have a loving sibling to count on and grow up with! 

Your siblings are your first friends, your best friend, and a friend until the end!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

30 Days of Thanks ~ Day 4

Today was my son's first junior high wrestling duel of the season.  He had two matches and pinned both of his opponents.  His dad and I couldn't be happier for him or more proud.


Today I am thankful for my sons love for wrestling and his supportive teammates.  They are like family and are always there to support each other, cheer for each other when they win, and console them when they lose.

Monday, November 3, 2014

How to Fight Job Stress

No matter if you are just in a search of working place, looking though or you are already successfully employed and spend the most of your time working, the awareness of the job stress and the troubles it could bring you is essential for coping with it and balancing your life.  
It is obvious that every analysis should start from the very notion of the problem, thus, what is job stress? In simple words, it is a reaction of your body to the match between the demands of your job and the resources and needs you have as an employee. The stress shows both in physical and emotional state, and the common signs are irritation and poor concentration, heartaches, fast heartbeat, headaches, and numerous other symptoms.  

In today’s world it is hard to avoid stress, as there are so many pressure situations that our body responds to, and the response can be either positive or negative. The positive one motivates people for the better performance and help accomplishing hard tasks, while the negative one provokes physical and emotional troubles.  

30 Days of Thanks ~ Day 3

Today I am thankful for memories of summer vacation!  Every summer, we make it a top priority to take a week long summer vacation.  This year we spent a week on the Oregon Coast in a beach house just steps from the beach. 


Being able to spend hours on the beach, bare feet in the sand, no worries... it's priceless!