Saturday, June 29, 2013

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Jamba Juice: BOGO Smoothies - Buy One Get One Free Coupon (Valid thru 7/7)

The temperature is suppose to soar up to 102 before the end of the weekend!  That means that we are going to be searching for ways to stay cool, making this the perfect opportunity to enjoy a free fresh fruit smoothie from Jamba Juice.  Now through July 7th, when you purchase any smoothie - you will receive another smoothie of equal or lesser value absolutely free. 

Friday, June 28, 2013

Soft Scrub Mold & Mildew Stain Remover (Review & Giveaway)

Do you have mold or mildew in your home?  Are you sure?  With 3 bathrooms in our house,   I'll admit that cleaning the bathroom is one of my least favorite household chores.  But, the thought of having a dirty bathroom makes me squirm!  I know that just because I can't see it (mold, mildew, germs), doesn't mean it isn't there.  So, when I got the chance to review the new Soft Scrub Mold & Mildew Stain Remover, I jumped at the chance.  

Soft Scrub cleaning products have been a favorite of mine for quite sometime because I know they work and they are easy to use!  The spray bottles even work upside down, making it easy to get into those hard to reach places!

The new Soft Scrub Mold & Mildew Stain Remover Gel is thick and clings to those tough stains for maximum cleaning power.  It is tough on mold and mildew stains while being gentle on your surfaces.  

I've used Soft Scrub cleaning products throughout my entire home: in my bathrooms, in the kitchen, and even in the bedroom windows where mold and mildew love to set in around late spring and early summer!

I also love the fact that there are no harsh fumes or odors to worry about.  There is nothing worse than getting light headed and sick to your stomach while keeping your house clean for your family.  Soft Scrub not only leaves my household surfaces clean, it also leaves them smooth and free of grimy overspray films.

Tips for killing mold in your bathroom:

Get Down and Dirty:  When I clean my tub and shower, I get inside the tub!  I make sure to get into every little corner, around the drain and into the jets in our tub!  


Celebrate IHOPs 55th Birthday with New Summer Signature Pancakes‏ (Review)

They always say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  But what if you're having it for dinner?  Breakfast for dinner is always a favorite in our house, especially since we all love pancakes, waffles and french toast!

Just in time to celebrate their 55th birthday, IHOP (the breakfast giant) has announced their newest, most creative summer signature pancakes available in restaurants for a limited time.  These tasty pancake flavors include Tiramisu, Jelly Donut (Seriously?!) and Banana Graham.

Whenever we go to IHOP we always face the same issue... what delicious breakfast item to choose!  It's not only the kids who have a difficult time making their choices.  I will admit that I usually have 2 or 3 that I really want and wait until the last possible minute to make my final decision.  We are never disappointed, just wish our stomachs were bigger and that we could enjoy all of our favorites!

The three new signature pancakes are:

  • Jelly Donut Pancakes – Fluffy buttermilk pancakes filled with layers of luscious raspberry jelly then topped with glaze, more raspberry jelly and powdered sugar.
  • Tiramisu Pancakes - Buttermilk pancakes and sweet mocha cream topped with a drizzle of chocolate, whipped topping and a dusting of cocoa powder.
  • Banana Graham Nut Pancakes - Sliced fresh bananas grilled inside buttermilk pancakes layered with marshmallow cream, graham cracker crumbs and crushed honey-roasted pecans then topped with cinnamon cream cheese.

Half Price Starbucks Refreshers - Enjoy a Refreshing Pick Me Up!

 Is your summer off to a busy start like mine?  Why not stop by Starbucks for a refreshing afternoon wake-up call...  Half-off any handcrafted Starbucks Refreshers Beverage.  June 27-29, 3-5 p.m.

What do you do when you need a little pick me up?

Thursday, June 27, 2013

High Meat Prices Cutting Into Your Budget? Check Out Zaycon Foods for Cheap, Delicious Meat!

Looking at the meat prices in grocery stores makes me cringe, it is so expensive and can manage to eat up the bulk of your grocery budget!  Zaycon Foods was recently featured on Good Morning America, and you'd be amazed at their low prices!  How can they manage to provide such high quality meat for low prices?  The answer is strength in numbers. And not our numbers, yours! 

Zaycon Foods can sell its products at bulk rate prices to individual consumers and families because our unique sales event business model brings lots of people together, adding all their purchasing power into a combined bulk food purchase. And when you buy as part of a group that’s committing to such a large purchase, the power is in the hands of the purchaser! It’s the ultimate group buy in terms of both price and consumer empowerment.

You can pre-select exactly what you want to order from a given Zaycon sales event – sometimes you may want to stock up on our amazing meaty back ribs and sometimes it might be all about the Zaycon bacon – and then, on the day of the sales event, you and a whole big bunch of your neighbors will find yourselves in a nearby parking lot watching as an entire tractor trailer’s worth of high quality natural food is unloaded into all of your cars! You will be amazed at how quickly one of our refrigerated trucks goes from being filled with natural, fresh chicken or hundreds of gallons of grade A non-homogenized milk to being empty and back on its way to the farm!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Get Paid to Eat Out with Plink Rewards Program!

What could be more rewarding than getting money back for doing the things that you do every day?  I love joining reward programs that allow me to earn cash back, prizes and gift cards, and now you can get paid to eat out with Plink!

Option 1: 

Get rewards for dining and shopping offline! It's FREE and easy to get started: 
1. Link your credit card.
2. Dine and shop offline.
3. Earn rewards! Get gift cards from Amazon, Starbucks, iTunes, Wal-Mart and more! 

Option 2: 

Prevent Blindness America's Most Beautiful Eye Contest

 Does your child have beautiful eyes?  Real Kids Shades is proud to continue it's sponsorship of Prevent Blindness America's Most Beautiful Eye Contest. The contest allows children across the United States the chance to win a $10,000 educational scholarship.

Here are the Most Beautiful Eyes contest details:

From June 24 - July 31, 2013, parents of children ages zero to 17 are encouraged to enter their child in the Prevent Blindness America Most Beautiful Eyes Contest by submitting a photo to the Prevent Blindness America Facebook page at.

From August 1 - 31, 2013, the public will be encouraged to place online votes for their choice of the child with the most beautiful eyes. Each state will have a winner (void where prohibited), who advance to the second round of voting.

All state winners will receive a free pair of Real Kids Shades sunglasses and a copy of the children's book, "Jacob's Eye Patch" by Beth Kobliner Shaw and Jacob Shaw.

Monday, June 24, 2013

June Blog Giveaway Winner Announcements

I'm sorry for the delay in announcing the following giveaway winners, but with summer upon us spending time with family is one of my top priorities.  I'm sure that you can understand and respect that family always comes first!  We spent the entire last week at the Western Regionals wrestling tournament where my son competed... watch for that post to be shared soon!

So, the wait is finally over... here are the lucky giveaway winners:

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Jack the Giant Slayer DVD Combo Pack - Giveaway

Unleashed on the Earth for the first time in centuries, the giants strive to reclaim the land they once lost, forcing Jack (Nicholas Hoult), into the battle of this life to stop them. Fighting for a kingdom and its people, and the love of a brave princess, he comes face to face with the unstoppable warriors he thought only existed in legend... and gets the chance to become a legend himself! Directed by Brian Singer (X-Men, Superman Returns)

Warner Bros. is proud to announce the arrival of Jack the Giant Slayer released on DVD & Blu-ray on June 18!

Celebrate this classic story with NEW content exclusive to the Jack The Giant Slayer Blog App

You have the power! Control the moving GIFs and power the action in the movie with a swipe of your mouse! The Giant Soundboard lets you compose your own mashup of sounds from Jack The Giant Slayer, which your kids will enjoy for hours! Test your bravery and take the How Brave Are You? QUIZ to see if you are as brave as our hero Jack.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

This Summer Every Kid’s a Winner at Chuck E. Cheese’s - Where a Kid Can Be a Kid!

Did you hear about the extra fun that’s been added to the Chuck E. Cheese’s experience for kids this summer?  All summer vacation long through September 1, every kid’s a winner as soon as they walk through the door! During the summer of winning, kids under 12 will be given a peel-off game piece at Kid Check instantly earning them 5, 10, 20, 50 or 100 tickets; 5 or 10 tokens; or even a free turn in the Ticket Blaster – a unique experience typically only available with birthday party packages. 

Every Kid’s a Winner at Chuck E. Cheese’s This Summer!

My kids are 9 and 12, and still love going to Chuck E. Cheese's!  In fact, my husband and I have just as much fun as the kids do - it's fun for the entire family!  So, when I was given the opportunity to take my kids to Chuck E. Cheese's for a few hours of fun - of course I jumped at the chance!

The great food and fun games provide everything you need for a fun family activity!  Their pizza is hot and delicious, their salad bar is simply amazing and the atmosphere makes everyone happy!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Why Wrestle?

My son is 12 years old and started wrestling when he was a first grader (6 years old).  He has improved so much over the years, is learning and improving with each season and has won (earned) many medals.  Last month he took 2nd place at state!

For his final 6th grade writing assignment, he had to write an independent persuasive paper, trying to convince someone to do/try something.  Of course, he chose to write about wrestling - his passion!

Why Wrestle?

Today approximately one tenth of American citizens wrestle.  Well, if you ask me, I highly believe that more people should join the sport.  Here are a few reasons why you should wrestle.

First of all, wrestling is an excellent way to maintain a healthy body.  Valid research shows that roughly one in every three Americans are overweight.  An average high school wrestler loses 12 pounds, not including the weight they choose to cut, that is optional.  Wrestling can also support your eating habits.  In order to make your coach happy and wrestle in the correct weight class, you must eat smart and healthy.

Monday, June 17, 2013

All About Me - Autobiographical Poem

 Dedicating, strong-willed, active and determined
Lover of Snickers bars, milkshakes and popcorn
Who feels determined, dedicated and thankful
Who finds happiness in family, wrestling and animals
Who needs video games, underwear and my Ipod
Who gives a helping hand, undivided attention and enjoyment

Who fears defeat, bad grades and criminals
Who would like to win state wrestling, keep up the straight A's and be a millionaire
Who enjoys wrestling, collecting sports cards and playing with his dogs
Who likes to wear long socks, shorts and sweatshirts
Who dreams of being a college wrestler and a college wrestling coach

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day 2013: What Makes Daddy Special?

Today is Father's Day, did you remember your Dad?  Father's Day has been celebrated on the 3rd Sunday in June since becoming a very special national holiday in 1966.  

I'm 37 years old and I can't imagine a life without my dad.  I'm so fortunate to have my dad in my life and the life of my children.  Their "Pa" is near and dear to their hearts and the love goes both ways.  Growing up my dad was wonderful, patient and giving.  

Providing everything he possibly could (and more) for myself and my two siblings.  Now, as a grandparent, he lives for his grandchildren to the fullest extent!  Even though he was an AMAZING father, he might just be an even more amazing grandfather!

I recently asked my children: What makes Daddy special?

My adorable children and their wonderful Daddy!

Our 9 year old daughter answered:

Friday, June 14, 2013

Free 8×10 Collage Print at Walgreens - Just in Time for Father's Day!

Just in time for Father's Day, you can grab a Free 8×10 photo collage print at Walgreens!  I ordered a photo collage for my Dad with pictures of all five of his grandkids in different poses together.  He's going to love it!

Just enter coupon code DADCOLLAGE at checkout. Then, choose in-store pick up to avoid shipping costs - making this photo collage totally FREE!

**Valid thru Saturday 6/15

What are you giving Dad this Father's Day?

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Save Up to 70% OFF Shoes at the Kurt Geiger SALE

With two very active, growing children, it seems as though they are always needing new clothes and new shoes.   Making sure that they both have durable and comfortable shoes is a top priority all year long!   

Everyone knows that making everyday purchases can be hard on the pocket book if you don't shop wisely.  That is why I rarely make any purchase without shopping around first.  I look for the most current discounts, deals, coupon codes & promotional codes both in-store and online - that way I can get the best deals for my family.

Now that summer is upon us, I'm shopping for sandals, flip flops and slip-on sneakers for all of our family activities.  Of course, being able to save up to 70% OFF at the Kurt Geiger shoe sale is one event that was sure to catch my eye!

By shopping clearance sales and using coupons, I am able to make our money go further and dress my entire family in the latest styles and fashions! 

Wendy's Father's Day Frosty Weekend - Help Support Children in Foster Care!

As you know, this Sunday is Father’s Day! Though you may still be searching for that perfect gift for dad, Wendy’s has something that you can all do together to help other families! And it’s yummy, too!  It's Father's Day Frosty Weekend!

Now through Father’s Day, anyone can help children in foster care find permanent, loving homes. Continuing its Father’s Day Frosty Weekend tradition for the sixth year in a row, Wendy’s is inviting customers to help raise money for Wendy’s Wonderful Kids. This signature program of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption is dedicated to finding permanent adoptive families for children in foster care. 

Here’s what you need to know:

Who: Everyone! And dad, too!

What: Help Wendy’s make a big donation to Wendy’s Wonderful Kids, the signature program of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption that is dedicated to finding permanent adoptive families for children in foster care.

When: Father’s Day Weekend (June 15 – 16)

How: There are two simple ways to donate:

1. Buy any Frosty product: On Saturday, June 15 and Sunday, June 16, for each Frosty product purchased, participating Wendy’s will donate 50-cents to Wendy’s Wonderful Kids. (includes the original, parfaits, shakes and floats).

JCPenney 10 Dollar Off Coupon Deals – Spent $6 – Saved $92!

After dropping both of my kids off at an end of the school year party, I headed to the mall to look for myself some new summer clothes.  I rarely buy new clothes for myself, but after losing weight, nothing from last year fit me.  

I had a JCPenney $10 coupon and a $50 gift card that I had recently received in the mail from one of my online earning sites - so I was on a mission to get some great deals and save as much as possible!

Take a look at my JCPenney clearance deals:

Shorty Short at $4.99 (Was $10)
2x Ribbed Tank at $1.99 each (Were $8 each)
2x Bermuda Shorts at $17.99 (Were $24 each)
Cropped Capris at $17.99 (Were $24)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My Coke Rewards - Bonus Points on Powerade Caps

 Now through 6/14, you get double points on ALL POWERADE codes on My Coke Rewards!

In the past month I was able to redeem 4 different rewards from My Coke Rewards.  A $5 McDonald's Gift Card, a $5 Red Lobster gift card, a coupon for a free McDonald's quarter pounder burger and a coupon for free DASANI drops!

You know how much I love getting free things in the mail! :)

Free Flatbread at Chili's - Get Your Freebie Coupon Today!

Chili's is giving away one million of their NEW freshly-baked flatbreads. Loaded with signature toppings on a crispy crust, it's a taste not to be missed. Claim your free flatbread* before they're gone and get to your local Chili's!

Join the Chili's email club, by clicking on the banner above, to get your free full-size flatbread, and you'll also get the latest happening and exclusive offers.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Color Me Rad Spokane - It's Official!

"You're now an official runner of Color Me Rad Spokane on Saturday, June 15, 2013
Wear a white shirt to the race that you're prepared to have massacred by color."

I am SO excited about this upcoming Saturday, and have had a difficult time keeping this special secret from my daughter.  A few months ago she saw an advertisement for Color Me Rad and begged to go!  Every time she would see or hear something about it... she would ask again.

So, when I found out that Color Me Rad was actually coming to our area - I had to sign us up!

Granted, we have to get up very early on a Saturday morning to drive for 45 minutes to the Color Me Rad Spokane location.  We have to show up an hour before our wave time, which means we will be up at 5:30 am in order to have enough time to get ready and arrive in time.  

Of course, both my daughter and I HATE getting up early - but this is going to be worth every minute of sleep lost.  I know that when my 9 year old daughter figures out what we are doing, she is going to FREAK OUT!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Vistprint 140 Customized Labels - Only $5 Shipped!

Moving, getting married, having a new baby?  To kick off the season of summer BBQs, family reunions, neighborhood block parties, housewarmings, and summer weddings, Vistaprint is bringing back a favorite deal for multi-purpose labels -- perfect for all of your needs! 

140 customized labels from Vistaprint are only $5 shipped — only $0.04 per label!  

  • Save tons of time addressing invitations to your summer events by using personalized address labels with beach balls, beachy scenes, or BBQs.
  • Looking for something small for new parents? Customize a set to announce their new baby with his/her name, birth date, and weight. Better yet, you can even create labels for baby foods or toys.
  • With your new grads getting ready to head off to college, design tags to label and number boxes or "Property of" labels so nothing will get lost during the big move.
  • If you're planning a vacation, thank your neighbors for checking on your house by giving them some home-made treats. You can easily create a gift tag or food label for your present.

Our Summer Vacation Bucket List

If you're a fan of Phineas and Ferb, then you already know that there are 104 days of summer vacation...

A couple weeks ago I saw a list of 100 frugal things to do this summer and it got me to thinking about what I wanted to do this summer with my children, and as a family.  Since my husband works all summer, I need to keep the kids active and entertained while we are on summer vacation.

We are going to the Oregon Coast for a week this July and have already rented a great beach house right on the sand.  The beach is literally right out the sliding class door and a few steps from the deck.  This is the week we are looking forward to most this summer - I can hardly wait!

Here is our Summer Fun Bucket List

  1. Amusement Park - Silverwood Theme Park (we have season passes)
  2. Color Me Rad 5K (already signed up)
  3. Go Boating
  4. Go Camping
  5. Attend an Outdoor Concert
  6. Watch 4th of July Fireworks
  7.  Montana Bison Range
  8. Spokane Indians Baseball Game
  9. Go Swimming
10. Waterpark - Silverwood Theme Park

Saturday, June 8, 2013

June Blog Giveaways - What Can You Win?

I still can't believe it's already June, time is just flying by!  With each new day comes new opportunities to enter and win blog giveaways!  I love entering blog giveaways and love it even more when I get an e-mail saying that I won!

Check out the great giveaways currently running on Being Frugal and Making it Work:

Friday, June 7, 2013

Free Fishing Day - Catch of the Day

Tomorrow is free fishing day!  We take the kids to the city park every year on Free Fishing Day. Fish & Game along with our local Parks & Rec. block off the creek that runs through our city park and stock it with fish for the event!  This year they have stocked the creek with over 1,000 hungry trout!

Fishing begins at 9:00 AM and every child is allowed to catch 2 fish.  Last year, both of our kids caught their limit within 10 minutes!  They also have refreshments (cookies and lemonade) and numerous raffle prizes.  We have been going since our son was 1 1/2 years old and last year was the very first time ever that one of our kids have won a raffle prize.  Our son won a great fishing pole.  Yay!

It's a ton of fun and the kids have a blast!   The look forward to it each and every year.  The kids really enjoy getting to eat their "catch of the day."  We wrap them in foil with butter and seasonings and cook them outside on the grill!  Yummy.

Just in Time for Summer: Hapari Swimwear (Review & Giveaway)

After losing almost 60 pounds, I was actually excited to go shopping for a new swimsuit.  This summer instead of wearing a baggy t-shirt over the top of my swimsuit, I won't be wearing anything to cover it up!

Hapari has a great new line of trendy swimwear just in time for summer fun.  When I was offered the chance to review the one of my choice, I couldn't wait to go shopping.  Hapari Swimwear has a variety of new designs and prints that are sure to please.  Their swimwear is trendy, fashionable, colorful and flattering!

All of their swimsuits are super cute, but I especially love their tankinis. They look great on and are super comfortable.  I love that fact that they cover just enough, the comfort of a two-piece for the modest ones. It was a very tough decision, but I chose this one:

I love that this tankini has a shelf-bra with soft padding, side cinch and optional second strap!  Making it perfect for a day on the beach, boating, or at the waterpark.  I can easily pair this with a pair of boy short or bikini bottoms, a swim skirt or pair of board shorts for the perfect fit.

Honestly, I'm in the process of choosing another tankini top from Hapari because I love mine so much.  The colors are bright and vibrant, the prints are fun and trendy, and the bottoms are perfect.  My only problem is trying to make a decision on which one to get this time...

Today is National Doughnut Day - FREE Doughnuts at Krispy Kreme & Dunkin Donuts

Did you know that today, June 7th, is National Doughnut Day? Head on over to your nearest Krispy Kreme of Dunkin Donuts and you’ll be able to grab a FREE doughnut today only! 

Stop by any participating Krispy Kreme location to grab your FREE doughnut of any variety (no purchase necessary)! Limit one free doughnut per customer on Friday, June 7 only!

Dunkin’ Donuts is offering customers a FREE doughnut with the purchase of any beverage!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

School's Out for Summer

It's official... School's Out for Summer!

Today is the last day of school for both of my kids, saying goodbye to 3rd and 6th grade.  As much as I am excited to spend a fun summer with my children, I am not looking forward to their first day of school in the fall.  Next year my "babies" will by in junior high (7th grade) and the "big kid" hall (4th grade). 

One of the 4th grade teachers at school always sings 'School's out for summer' over the intercom system a few minutes before the last bell rings - the kids love it!

School's out for summer
School's out forever
School's been blown to pieces

No more pencils
No more books
No more teacher's dirty looks

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I'm Today's Featured Smiley360 Member

Imagine my surprise when I checked my email this morning to see this great announcement...  "You are Today's Featured Smiley360 Member!"

 With over 20 Smiley missions complete with 50/50 Smiles, Bridget has made it to Level 4! Read about her experience as a Smiley member.

Tell us about yourself, your family and where you live!
I’m a wife to the most amazing man I know, and a mother of two amazing children, ages 9 and 12. We live in beautiful, scenic North Idaho on 5 acres surrounded by mountains and trees.

What do you like about being a Smiley member?
I love being able to try great products and share my experiences with family and friends. Getting to try it before you buy it is wonderful!

What has been your favorite Smiley360 mission you have ever done and why?
Just one? Oh my! I’m going to have to go with the Sleep Number Pillow. I have never had a pillow this comfortable!

Saying Goodbye...

Tomorrow is my kiddos last day of school, and school will be out for the summer. Next year I will have a one in 7th grade and one in 4th grade! They are growing up way too fast! 


Saying Goodbye... 

All of this is hard to say, but here it goes... Goodbye Mrs. Donart, goodbye school, goodbye friends, and goodbye 3rd grade. I'm going to miss 3rd grade most of all because I know I will see my teacher and my friends again, but 3rd grade is over for me. Thank you so much Mrs. Donart for all you do and all you have done for me. You were a great teacher and I learned a lot! Goodbye. See you later. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Help Stop Puppy Mills — It Starts With YOU!

Puppy mills, animal abuse and neglect disgust me and make me sick in so many ways!  You probably often hear about the horrors of puppy mills, and it seems impossible and unreal. Sadly, it happens every day and we can all do our part to make sure it STOPS happening! YOU play an essential role. You can help stop puppy mills!

Pet stores that care about puppies don't sell them. That's because the majority of pet stores that sell puppies carry dogs from cruel and inhumane puppy mills. Puppy mills are like dog-making factories with the mother dogs spending their entire lives in cramped cages or kennels with little or no personal attention or quality of life. When the mother and father dogs can no longer breed, they are discarded or killed. Consumers who purchase puppies from pet stores or over the Internet without seeing a breeder's home firsthand are often unknowingly supporting this cruel industry.

Help stop this cycle of cruelty simply by choosing to adopt your next pet from a shelter or rescue, or by only purchasing a dog from a responsible breeder who will show you where your puppy was born and raised. And that's not all—you can do even more by refusing to buy pet supplies from any store or website that sells puppies. Where you spend your dollars makes a difference. Make a statement when you shop!

Frugal Summer Activities for Children - FREE Bowling All Summer

Do your kids like to go bowling?  US Family Guide is excited to once again be partners with the AMF Bowling Summer Unplugged program! This exciting program provides kids free bowling all summer long! 

Free bowling for kids all summer long! Kids registered in the Summer Unplugged program can bowl two games per day, every day, all summer long! (Shoe rental not included.) 

There is never a charge, no schedules to keep, just sign up and show up whenever you want to escape the heat for some frugal indoor fun!  Be sure to register today, summer fun is just a click away!

Monday, June 3, 2013

SONIC’s Summer of Shakes: Half Price Milkshakes After 8 pm

Ice cream is one of our favorite summer treats, but enjoying such treats can often be expensive when you have to purchase one for each member of the family.  

Have you heard about SONIC’s Summer of Shakes, featuring 25 different milkshake flavors to choose from?  Each delicious flavor hand-mixed with real ice cream and topped with whip cream and  a cherry!  To make it even sweeter... SONIC shakes are half price after 8 pm all summer long.

I will admit that we have already been to Sonic three times to enjoy this special deal and yummy summer treat.  Once as a family, once with the grandparents, and once with the cousins!  I had cherry cheesecake, chocolate cheesecake and Oreo cheesecake... Yes, I love cheesecake!  My favorite?  I'm going to go with Oreo cheesecake!  

Last night we ordered 4 small milkshakes and 4 medium shakes and our total was less than $13!

Look at this list of mouth-watering real ice cream shake flavors to choose from: