Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day Gift Ideas: Frugal, Cheap and Thoughtful

I'm all about the simple things, they are what matter most!

We usually just have a nice dinner at home, no crowds and long lines to wait in. It's about the quality time, not the money spent!

What do you and your significant other do for Valentine's Day?

How about something a little sweet and a little healthy... HANDMADE CHOCOLATE DIPPED STRAWBERRIES. It's something that can easily be done at home for a fraction of what it costs to purchase them at a chocolate store. ANYTHING dipped in chocolate would be just as perfect, pick their favorite.

How about something from the heart... HANDMADE CARD. You can be very creative, let your heart lead the way! Glitter adds the perfect touch!

Something that my husband and I have done in the past are LETTERS to one another. I have all of mine saved in a special envelope, I love to read them from time to time.

How about baking a HEART SHAPED CAKE. You don't have to have a heart shaped pan to make one, it's very easy! Bake one square cake and round round cake. Cut the round cake in half, place each half of the round layer against one upper side of the square layer to form a heart. Frost and decorate.

How about a CD with songs that have special meaning, songs that you both like and songs that are favorites. Or just do one with all romantic songs!

How about a nice MASSAGE in the comfort of your own bedroom. Set the mood with soft music and candles. Maybe even add some of those chocolate dipped strawberries and whip cream!

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