Thursday, September 30, 2010

Earning Money Online - My September 2010 Earnings & Wins

September has been a very emotional month for me. This month has been a very stressful month for my family. My dad was diagnosed with COPD and emphysema. He has had good days, terrible days and everything in between!

He goes to the pulmonory specialist on Tuesday and I'm really hoping that they can "fix" something and make things easier for my dad. It breaks my heart knowing that he is struggling almost every moment of every single day!

I'm hoping that October brings better news, less stress and happier days!

Here is what I earned and won this month! Not too bad! :)

$15 Amazon Gift Card (Swag Bucks)
$30 (ChaCha)
$6 PayPal (PineCone Research)
(2) FREE Kraft Homestyle Mac n Cheese Coupon (Listia)
Apple iPod Touch! (Albertson's Instant Win)
Hamburger Helper “Family Winner Dinner” Host (Psst)
New shirt from Alight (Frugality Is Free)
$25 PayPal (Gather)

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Julie Kieras said...

Hi - I am a new mom trying to earn a little income by blogging, but it's been really slow (as in next to nothing!). I saw this post, and was hoping you could elaborate a bit...
What are Psst and Gather? I am curious also about how you got involved with PineCone, I hear they are hard to get started working with but very rewarding once you do... They don't really have contact info so... if you could give me some pointers I would appreciate it! :) Thanks!
Jkrs01 at