Sunday, June 19, 2011

Get Your FREE Can of Batter Blaster

You can grab a FREE CAN of Batter Blaster with the simple sharing of a photo.  Take a picture of your Batter Blaster meal and post it to their Facebook wall to get a FREE CAN of Batter Blaster! Don't forget to include your Batter Blaster can in the photo!

Here are the official instructions:  Get a FREE CAN of Batter Blaster on us! Here's how: 

1. Make a Batter Blaster breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack to celebrate Father's Day. 
2. Take a picture of you, your meal and the Batter Blaster can. 
3. Post your picture to our Facebook page before Thursday, June 23rd. 
4. Eagerly await the arrival of your VIP coupon in the mail!

Here is the photo that I just shared! 

You can also enter the Batter Blaster Giveaway on my blog for your chance to win 2 more FREE cans of Batter Blaster.  There will be 3 lucky winners!

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