Friday, March 21, 2014

The Secret Behind The Graceful Aging Of French Women

You must have heard lot of times that French women don't get fat! But it is now said that they don't get face lifts done too. Confused? This is because French women have a doable and practical ways to age with grace. Wondering what are these secrets of timeless beauty? Read below:
  1. A good haircut will surely make you look younger, healthier and attractive. The priority should be finding the right hair cut keeping the face a priority. Like your skin, the hair also needs consistent attention thus getting a trim every three months. Also it is important to get a hydrating mask once a week for a deep restorative hair therapy.
  1. A women can do without expensive clothes but not good shoes. A gorgeous and versatile pair of shoes is an absolute must. It not only lends you confidence but style and elegance too. 

  1. A wardrobe of a French women is incomplete without a neutral color cardigan, short black dress, fitted and well-cut pants, a white blouse, belts and scarves to accessorize. Never neglect the basics. JCPenney surely has some amazing options to choose from. But remember to check for discount codes. 

  1. French women believe that too much of makeup as you age make you look ugly than good. So, just use base, a lipstick, liner and some flush before you leave home. Expect to bump into someone so always dress accordingly.
  1. French women hate to stay up late! Women don't stay up late by surfing the web or watching TV. They believe that beauty sleep is an absolute must so make it your priority too.
Last but certainly not the least, French women react immediately when they gain even few pounds. This is because they know otherwise it will take them long to get back to normal.

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CindyWindy2003 said...

French women know what they are talking about, I especially agree with not staying up late. I hate the dark circles under my eyes and lack and sleep and stress show on one's face.