Sunday, May 18, 2014

FreshGuard by Efferdent for Cleaner Mouthguards, Retainers or Clear Braces!

If you’re a parent with a child that plays sports and wear a mouthpiece, or have retainers like mine - then you’ll want to hear about Fresh Guard by Efferdent.  I’m a member of the Smiley 360 Blogger Circle and that allows me the opportunity to review fabulous products and share my thoughts with my readers.  Here is why I was excited to try Fresh Guard by Efferdent!


Efferdent™ Fresh Guard is not just for mouthguards, it can also be used on dentures, retainers, even clear braces! So if you or someone you know is looking for a way to keep their dental devices clean and fresh, I would highly suggest Fresh Guard™! 

The Fresh Guard Soak is for cleaning your mouthpieces and helping to prevent build up and can also help prevent stains and discoloration.  Using this product is easy and all it takes is three simple steps.

  • Step One – Fill a clean glass or cup with enough warm water to fully cover your mouthpiece.   
  • Step Two – Tear open one packet of Fresh Guard Soak and pour it into the water, it will foam up and turn blue. 
  • Step Three – Place your retainer, mouthguard, or removable braces into the solution and leave it for at least five minutes but no longer than ten minutes. When your mouthpiece is cleaned the solution will turn clean, indicating it’s done, remove from the solution and rinse thoroughly.  Dry and return it back into its protective case.
Fresh Guard Soak delivers a complete clean you can see, smell, and feel in just 5 minutes!

The Fresh Guard Wipes are the perfect solution for when you are on-the-go and you need to quickly clean your mouthpieces.  Perfect for at work, school, going out to eat, and during sporting events.  When you’re busy or playing a sport and your mouthpiece needs to be cleaned simply follow these four steps.

  • Step One – Remove one wipe from it’s package and unfold.
  • Step Two – Remove your mouthpiece from you mouth.
  • Step Three – Wrap the wipe around your mouthpiece and work it into the crevices with your fingers to clean.
  • Step Four – Place your mouthpiece back into your mouth
Fresh Guard Wipes are convenient, easy to use and have a fresh mint flavor!

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Anonymous said...

i could use this for my retainers. its a pain to brush them each day

lil_lady_dz said...

What a better way to clean your mouth guard. I sleep with on in every night. I love these, I can even travel with them. Love both!