Tuesday, March 24, 2015

ZUBELS ~ 100% Cotton Baby Rattles (Review)


Even though my children aren't babies anymore, I still love looking at baby clothes and toys when we are out shopping.  Even though my children are only 14 and 11, there are so many fun and new baby items that weren't around when my children were babies.  Luckily, I still get to shop for cute baby gifts for friends and family when they have new babies. 

Although I'm a practical gift-giver and love giving and getting items that are useful; diapers, wipes, baby bath products, etc... I still make sure to include a gift for both mom and baby that is cute and fun. 

Zubels baby rattles are hand made and produced using only the finest cotton available.   Their line of adorable hand crochet rattles for babies are made using 100% cotton yarns and are designed to be easy for babies to grasp and hold.


When my Zubels giraffe baby rattle arrived, I couldn't believe how cute it was.  I love the fact that these adorable baby rattles are soft, safe, and easy for baby to hold.  If baby bonks the rattle off their face - it's not going to hurt them or leave a mark!

Zubels baby rattles are 6-inches long and are a part of their crochet line featuring hand crochet rattles and toys.  The rattles come in 8 adorable little animals: blue bird, pink bird, cow, giraffe, lion, monkey, blue owl and pink owl.

These unique, hand rattles are the perfect gift for any baby!  Which Zubels would you choose?


Anonymous said...

That's a super cute baby rattle!

Rose-Marie said...

These are so cute! I've never seen rattles like this, and now I must get some!!! I'd like to have them for baby gift baskets!