Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Back To School on a Budget: Shop Clearance & Add Coupons ~ Spent $16, Saved $78

As much as I had to admit it, I know that the kids will be headed back to school in 5 weeks.  Am I ready for them to go back to school?  Absolutely not!  Do I know that I still have to purchase their clothes, shoes, and school supplies so that they are ready when school starts?  Absolutely!  That's why I've already been shopping summer  clearance and scoping out the best prices on the things they are going to need.


It is a nightmare to find jeans that actually fit my teenage son.  He has very long legs and has a slender build.  I'll have to say that I dislike shopping for his jeans almost as much as I hate shopping for mine!  So, when I find jeans that actually fit him the right way, I have to buy a couple pairs.  Yesterday, we found three pairs and they were all on clearance!

My Target Cartwheel Coupon Deals: 

Two pairs of grey jeans on clearance for $2.24 each (Reg. price $19.99)
Pair of blue jeans on clearance for $2.24 (Reg. price $19.99)
Pair of jean capris on clearance for $7.48 (Reg. price $14.99)

Merona 4 pack of white men's t-shirts on clearance for $7.98 (Reg. price $15.99)

– Subtotal $22.18
– $4.45 Target Cartwheel Coupon ~ 20% off clearance clothes

– Subtotal after coupons $17.73

The jeans ended up being just $1.79 a pair!  Less than $2 for a brand new pair of jeans?  You can't beat that!  Especially when you're buying them for a growing teenager.  The capris for my daughter were only $5.98 and the t-shirts for my husband cost $6.38.

Tax $1.06
Total out of pocket $18.79
Total saved $77.72

Total spent at Target $18.79
Total saved at Target $77.72

Did you redeem any Target Cartwheel coupons this week?  If so, how much did you save?


Allison Cooper said...

I need to try this Target Cartwheel app because there are just way too many sales that I'm missing out on! Jealous of your bargain hunting abilities!

LyndaS said...

I just shopped at Target yesterday and thought I did good by saving $10. I need to spend a bit more time checking out the offers. Way to go!

Unknown said...

We shop Target weekly. However, we need to start using Cartwheel to get some savings!

Sippy Cup Mom said...

Way to go1 You did awesome! Love when I get good Target deals.

Unknown said...

I must be living in the dark ages not to know about the Target Cartwheel app! Clearly I NEED to get it. Those are some impressive savings!!!

Shelly Peterson said...

Wow, what awesome deals you got! I love shopping at Target but have never found deals this good.

Liz Mays said...

Clearly I need to pay attention to that app. I can't believe the savings you scored!

J Rodney said...

You did fantastic Bridget! I can so feel you on growing teenage boys, but I'm afraid my oldest is out of the kids section already. Awesome price on the jeans!

Unknown said...

Wow that's a great deal! I didn't even think about getting my son's clothes at Target, which is silly because that's where I buy mine! I need to head there this weekend.

Unknown said...

I need a Target near me so I can do things like this. Jealous!! Thank you for deals you post like this one. Appreciate it. The patience of looking and posting deals like this is hard work. Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

WOW, you saved a TON of money and got some great items. I LOVE it!