Sunday, October 4, 2015


Gifting is fun and very nice, but sometimes it can be a little struggling too. Especially if your loved ones want something special and one of a kind. But don’t worry! For the coming gifting season (Christmas!) and for other special occasions, bellow you will find some tips how to afford gifts much better. So get to it right away! 


By using coupons! 
One of the easiest ways how to afford gifts is to find a way how to reduce the price of it. And the best way how to do it, is to use various coupons! These coupons, whether they are online or off, always give you a huge discount and let you afford stuff. For instance, look at these Overstock coupons you can find at Chameleon John. It will let you enjoy many great items at the much smaller price and also give you more ideas of the perfect gift. So definitely get a few of these coupons and stay on a budget while looking for gifts! 

By making it by yourself! 
I do believe that the best gift ever is the one you made by yourself! It can be whatever you think you are the best at or whatever you can think of. From homemade cookies to personalized clothing or albums - I do believe that everything you made will be an amazing way to say “I love you” for every person. And also, this type of gift really shows that you were thinking about that person and truly know him or her. So – if you are capable – definitely make a gift by yourself.  

By buying it with other people! 
You can also pamper your beloved friend or relative if you find a group of people who would love to contribute and give money to buy that gift WITH you. This group gifting is very good for people who only have a specific amount of money they can spend, but they want to gift big. So, find a group of friends or family members, all chip in an equal amount of money and by gifting say that it is from all of you. It might be only one present from the group, but that present might be enormously huge – so your friend will be happy no matter what. And that is what you were trying to do after wall, right? 

By hitting thrift or second-hand stores! 
Finally, you can find a lot of great stuff what is unique, one of a kind and very cheap in various thrift stores or even at second-hand stores too! For example, if your friend loves to read books, hit the thrift or vintage store and look for really old but classic literature pieces. You might dig something that is extremely rare and make an unbelievable gift! And you won’t spend hundreds of dollars on that too! The same goes with second-hand stores. If you friend is wishing to get a tech gadget, you can find it in those stores and purchase it at a much smaller price too. So just know what you wish to gift and then look carefully for places where you can buy it very cheap. 

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