Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Butt Buoy ~ Stand Out Above the Rest of the Boaters on the Lake. No Ifs, Ands or Butts!

It's time to go "bottoms up" on the lake this summer with the hilarious Butt Buoy! Who ever thought of this product was clever and had a great sense of humor! I know that when I first saw the Butt Buoy it made me laugh out loud!


This is a real usable marker buoy, made just like a high quality marker or anchor buoy, but with the benefit of having everyone laugh as they walk by your boat.  It looks like a hot girl diving next to your boat, and is sure to get attention at the lake or marina.  This buoy is ideal for personal watercraft, waterski boats, jetskis, or other small boats

The Butt Buoy is realistic and durable. The bikini bottom is cloth and can be removed and replaced with another to fit any mood, celebration, or holiday! When you purchase a novelty Butt Buoy, you can choose from 1 of 9 bikini choices; some are fun print, others are solid colors.

I know that our new boat buoy is going to be the "butt" of all jokes on the lake this summer, but it's also going to turn heads and make people point and laugh, too!

Stand out above the rest of the boaters on the lake this summer... No ifs, ands, or butts!  It's the PERFECT gift for any guy who has everything - it's a real "Crack-Up!" 

Who would you give a Butt Buoy to?

Disclaimer: I received a free or discount product for my honest and unbiased review. All opinions are my own


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness... this is awesome! LOL! I'm going to have to get one for my best friends husband for his birthday this year! We do a lot of boating together!

Rose-Marie said...

It sure does catch attention! I don't have anyone that I know of who could use this, but it is something to keep in mind.

Unknown said...

Lol! Never seen this one before.

Shelly Peterson said...

Oh my gosh! Too funny! I love this!