Monday, December 12, 2016

Middle School Moguls ~ Inspiring Young Girls to Follow Their Dreams!

This holiday season, every mother, aunt, and grandma will be overjoyed to give the young ladies in their life a gift that they can feel good about giving, Middle School Moguls!  Instilling the values of entrepreneurship and leadership in their daughters, granddaughters, nieces and friends through these exciting dolls.  

Middle School Moguls is an aspirational collection of dolls, books and online “edutainment” for girls aged 6-11 years old. The storyline follows five middle school friends, turned successful entrepreneurs who attend Mogul Academy-an unconventional school run by eccentric billionaire business woman Sherry Rocketsmeller.  Each with their own unique talents, the girls find themselves in a high-tech, faced-paced, world of adventure as they work to build businesses, friendships and unforgettable fun!  


Middle School Moguls are as diverse as the girls who will love them. Each one is distinct in culture, personality and talents.
They include: 
  • McKinley, the Business Boss
  • Sunny, the Coding Queen
  • Izzy, the Digital Diva
  • Ryleigh, the Gadget Girl
  • Jada, the Graphics Guru
The Middle School Mogul dolls are dressed modestly (but trendy) and have realistic body frames with natural features. Each Middle School Moguls doll comes with a book and her own individual “business” accessory.


The line was developed by sisters Gina and Jenae Heitkamp to inspire girls to pursue business, entrepreneurship and technology. They also set out to create dolls that are less about fashion and beauty and more about brains and leadership ability. 

My daughter and niece are both in middle school.  I know how fun, confusing, awkward, and exciting middle school can be.  Middle School Moguls are "grown-up" enough to appeal to them and encourage them to follow their dreams!

I love that these dolls are fun, funky and trendy.  I also love the fact that they are modest and age appropriate and set a good example both through their clothing and their ideals!

The Middle School Moguls dolls will not only get girls thinking about their future career goals, but will inspire them to pursue those interests now.  

Do you know a tween/teen who would be inspired by Middle School Mogul dolls?

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