Monday, March 20, 2017

Celebrate the First Day of Spring with a FREE Ice Cream Cone at Dairy Queen!

Today is the First Day of Spring and what better way to celebrate than with a FREE ICE CREAM cone?!  That's right... it's #FreeConeDay at Dairy Queen!


#FreeConeDay is coming to DQ on Monday, March 20th. Get your first taste of summer on the first day of spring with one free small vanilla cone.*

*Free small vanilla cone at participating non-mall U.S. locations. Not valid in Canada. All day, limit one per person. Store hours may vary.

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teener1416 said...

Oh man I missed it! We don;t have a Dairy Queen around us, so it's not a total loss! I love your blog! I recently started mine back up and am glad I found yours! It's nice to see active blogs still. So many I used to follow haven't been updated in years!