Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Head Back-to-School in Style with Discount Glasses

 This post is sponsored by Discount Glasses.  All opinions are my own.

As parents, we want to give our children everything they need in order to do and be their very best.  When parents think of getting ready to send their kids back-to-school, they immediately think of new clothes, school supplies, immunizations, and sports physicals.  However, I often think that many parents overlook the need for eye exams! 

 Both of my kiddos ended up needing to get glasses in 5th grade.  They were having trouble seeing the board from their desk.  Not only is not being able to see what the teacher writes down frustrating (and sometimes embarrassing), it also cause issues with classwork and homework! 

Once they hit junior high... it was time to get contacts for them as well!  Because all parents know how hard those junior high years can be... am I right?!

When kiddos have to start wearing glasses, often times they feel self-conscious and think that the other kids at school are going to make fun of them and call them names.  How many of us have heard "four-eyes" and "brace-face" called out to kids?  Finding a pair of glasses that make them feel "cool" is sure to help ease their fears.

Westend is an in-house brand of discount glasses for older kids.  They have a wide variety of fun, stylish frames.  I also love their feature where you can virtually try on the frames to see what they will look like on your child's face!

I love that there are so many choices available that are geared specifically for children.  You can search by size, shape, color, and for boys or girls, helping narrow your choices.

Picklez is for younger kids; each pair of glasses comes with stickers of Picklez the dog that kids love!  Again, their discount eye glasses are cute, stylish and affordable!

By providing competitive prices, DiscountGlasses.com gives you the ability to purchase multiple frames to show off whoever you are, or however you’re feeling, on any given day. You can go from one pair of glasses to multi-spectacled without breaking the bank.

DiscountContactLenses.com has great prices for those who wear contacts and they give 20% off for new customer!  They also offer FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50 as well as free returns!  

Do you have a child that wear glasses or contact lenses?

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