Sunday, December 8, 2019

The Perfect Orthopedic Dog Bed for Your Large Breed or Elderly Best Friend!

I'll be the first to admit that our three mastiff's are almost as spoiled as our children!  In addition to their toy and treats, having a comfortable place to sleep is a must!  I'm a Tomoson Review Blogger and was recently chosen to receive a dog bed that was perfect for our large breeds!

Hercules has really been enjoying his new orthopedic dog bed! Since he is a large breed, I love that it gives him extra cushion and comfort as he sleeps or relaxes and chews on his toys! He also loves the added pillow for maximum relaxation!  Yes!  All three of our dogs use pillows like they are human... it's so funny!

The breathable and flexible memory foam core makes this orthopedic dog bed the perfect fit and evenly withstands the pressure of their weight.  It is the ideal dog bed for dogs of any age and size, especially older dogs with joint, bone or arthritic problems and large breed dogs that can suffer from those ailments as well!

This Wisita waterproof dog bed is designed with an encircled hidden zipper so you can easily remove the cover to clean, plus the waterproof cover is machine washable.  You can also wipe the side with a wet rag directly and not worry about getting the inside wet. 

With three different large sizes, this dog bed can easily hold up to 330lb, and provide optimal support for your furry best friend! It is also available in four great colors: grey, chocolate, red, and brown.

Note: the foam composition is the same among L ,XL and giant sizes. All three sizes can easily support a 330-pound dog if necessary.
Size Selection Recommendations: 
  • Large (48 x 30 x 7.8 inches),suitable for Labrador, Boxer, Golden Retriever, Pit Bull, Husky and other dogs under 25 inches tall. 
  • Extra Large (52 x 36 x 7.8 inches), suitable for German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Doberman, Newfoundland, Mastiff. 
  • Giant XXL (60 x 48 x 7.8 inches), suitable for great Dane, Irish Wolfhound. The Giant is also recommended for two large dogs that share a bed.
As I mentioned earlier, we have three mastiff's.  We have the extra large dog bed and two of them can easily share it and can do so comfortably. It wouldn't surprise me if I wake up one morning and all three of them are curled up on there together!  And trust me... when they do, I will be taking a photo and sharing it because it will be so cute!  After all, what dog wouldn't love a comfy place to sleep and chew on their favorite dog toys?

Trust me when I say that your furry best friend will love this dog bed!

As a #TomosonBlogger, I received this item at a highly discounted price or for free!  All opinions are my own and your experience may vary.


Nancy P said...

That looks like a very comfortable bed & plenty big enough. When I had dogs they didn't care for them & rather have slept right on the floor.

John Smith said...

What a great bed for an aging doggy! I would think that would make an excellent gift for anyone's pet!

Shelly Peterson said...

This looks like a great dog bed. My friend could use this for her dog.

bellagirl07 said...

Our dogs would so love this bed. I didn't know that they made them for older dogs thank you for sharing this info. Heather

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