Monday, September 7, 2020

Mom's Day Out at Silverwood Theme Park

When was the last time you went out with your friends for a Mom's Day?  No kids interrupting your conversation, no phone calls to answer, no meals to make, no mess to clean up... just fun, relaxing adult conversation?

Well, that's exactly what some of my girlfriends and I did a couple weeks ago! We went to Silverwood and had such an amazingly fun day, without our kiddos!  Trust me when I sat that theme parks aren't just for kids. You get to act like a kid, without the kids! 

We met at the front gate at 11 am, we wanted to get in as much girl time as we possibly could. We went with no time frame of when we were going to leave, so the entire day was ours! What would we do with a day free of all of our Mom duties? We ended up making the most of it and spent 8 1/2 hours between the theme park and the waterpark!

Our first stop was for conversation, coffee and cinnamon rolls. Our beverages and breakfast was simply delicious and the service was spot-0n. As we sat, sipped, and savored our time, we talked about what we should do first, school plans for our kiddos (yes, even though they weren't with us - they are still a part of us), and memories of our home town and high school years.

We decided to board Engine #7 next and enjoy a relaxing expedition through the woods and around the park. This 30-minute train ride is fun, scenic and always entertaining! I'm not going to give away all the fun details and secrets, but I love seeing the baby bison, the view is beautiful and the pesky bandits are crazy & good for a laugh!  It's not just a ride, it's also a show!

Next up was the lazy river... what is more relaxing that floating the river? We all grew up floating the Clearwater River, but that one didn't have a float up bar! We all grabbed a free tube at the mouth of the lazy river, linked up and began our peaceful float.  We did take advantage of the float up bar (I had never tried it before), their 'Jamacia Me Crazy' slush is mouth-wateringly delicious! There are also non-alchoholic versions available as well. We enjoyed great conversation, great drinks, great music, and people watching all while soaking up the sun! In fact, it was so relaxing and we were having so much fun that we didn't even realize we had been floating for nearly 3 hours! Mom-Win for sure!

After our relaxing float, we decided to ride something a little faster... more river rides, but with waves and rapids... more like what we did growing up!  Avalanche Mountain and Ricochet Rapids! You first have to walk up a hiking trail before climbing aboard your raft and speeding down the river canyon!  

No Mom's Day Out would be complete without dinner and dessert, right!? We ate dinner at the Country BBQ and then enjoyed some delicious funnel cakes from The Sugar Shack and Dippin' Dots for dessert!

This summer hasn't been like any other summer, and I've finally stepped out of my comfort zone and enjoyed some "ME time" with my friends and hubby.  110% worth every minute of it!!  You should try it for yourself because I know you'll love it too! Can we please do this one a week!?


Who wants to win tickets to come out to Silverwood this summer? By entering into this giveaway, you could have the opportunity to bring someone to the Northwest's Largest Theme and Water Park. Be sure to share with friends and family to get more entries into the contest.


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