Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Redbox Lucky to Have Friends Like You Promotion - What Makes You Feel Lucky?

The only thing better than $1 a night movies – free movies!  Lucky you, Redbox is giving everyone the chance to score free movie credits now through St. Patrick’s Day during the Redbox Lucky to Have Friends Like You promotion. Each fan receives a unique web address. Every time someone rents from your address through March 17, you get a free movie credit. Rental credits are valid for ten (10) days after they’ve been deposited into your account. Spread the word, and lucky you could be rolling in free movies this March.

I honestly think that some people are just born lucky!  Others have to find their luck.  Sometimes luck just seems to fall into place, maybe it's all about being in the right place at the right time.

I feel very lucky, as a mom, wife, sister and a daughter.  I grew up in a very close family.  I was the oldest of three children.  My parents took us everywhere and were involved in every aspect of our lives.  I grew up very lucky, I had a wonderful life.  My parents worked very hard to give my siblings and I everything we could have possibly wanted and more.

After high school, I was lucky enough to get a wonderful job as a nanny in Southern California.  I was able to experience life on an entirely new level.  From small town girl to the big city - what a fun time that was.  The family I was working for was wonderful.  I was able to be a special part of their children's lives and watch them grow up.  It's been 15 years now and we still keep in touch through Facebook, letters and photos.

14 years ago this month, I met the man of my dreams.  We will also celebrate our 12th anniversary this month.  We began our new lives together as husband and wife on March 20th, which also happens to be the first day of Spring.  My husband spoils me and treats me like a Queen.  All these years later, we are still as much in love as on our wedding day. 

My husband and I have two wonderful children.  Our daughter turned 7 in January and our son turned 10 years old today.  From a wonderful childhood and life experiences to meeting the man of my dreams and becoming a mother.  My life has been blessed in so many ways, more ways than I could ever imagine.  

What about you?  What makes you feel lucky?

***I wrote this blog post while participating in the SocialMoms and Redbox blogging program, for a $25 Walmart gift card from Redbox.

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