Thursday, March 24, 2011

Winner Announcement: Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Gear Prize Pack Giveaway

I want to thank everyone who entered my Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Gear Prize Pack Giveaway.   I would also like to thank the giveaway sponsor, Hasbro, for sponsoring this great giveaway for my readers. 

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The winner is #13:



Kimberly said...

Thank you! What a wonderful surprise. My kids are going to love it!

loispasture08 said...

nice work

daniel lisa said...

To draw a Beyblade blade from the Beyblade X Series 4 Bey Booster Pack, follow these steps:

Start by sketching the basic shape of the Beyblade blade using light, curved lines.
Add details such as spikes, grooves, and patterns to the blade to make it more dynamic and unique.
Draw the launcher attachment point at the center of the blade.
Enhance the design by incorporating the Beyblade X Series 4 logo or any other relevant branding.
Color the blade using vibrant shades to bring it to life and showcase its energy.
Note: Remember to reference the specific Beyblade from the X Series 4 Bey Booster Pack to capture its distinctive features accurately.