Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Three Reasons Why Online Colleges Are Worth a Consideration

I'll never forget the year I graduated high school. I was excited and ready to begin my life after four years of high school. One fateful night during my senior year, however, my father and mother pulled me into the kitchen and told me that they wouldn't be able to pay for college. Since my childhood, they had worked hard to save up for my education, but after losing their jobs, they were just trying to stay above water and the only financial resource available to them was my college savings.
Through the years, many people have asked me if I was angry at my parents for making that decision. The truth is that I absolutely wasn't. I knew they needed the money, and truth be told, I knew there were other college options available. After looking into scholarships and online colleges, I decided to forgo the traditional brick-and-mortar university and go to an online college instead. That decision turned out to be one of my best. I was able to stay home with my parents and help them get back on their feet while going to school. For those of you who are considering an online college, here are three reasons why the decision might be worthwhile. 
Online colleges are cheaper
College tuition is expensive, but so are the other expenses that come coupled along with college. Everything from rent, food, football tickets, extracurricular activities, etc. can add up very quickly and put a dent in your wallet. When I decided to pursue an online college, my budget was very small. Thankfully, I was able to find more than enough programs that fit into my budget. The best thing about it was that I avoided all the other expenses that most university students have to pay.
You don't have to commute

The cost of gas is going up significantly. Even if I had chosen to go to a local community college in town, I would have had to drive to school every day, and that isn't cheap. Thankfully, online colleges allow you to do your work right from the confines of your home. I'm not suggesting you have to tuck yourself away forever and close the blinds, but it's relieving to know that you're not required to be in a classroom all the time. You can choose to work from home, the library, the coffee shop – basically wherever your heart desires – and you won't be wasting money on a commute. What more could you ask for?
The degrees are more specialized
One thing I was grateful for about my online degree was the fact that it was so specified. The problem with many four-year universities is that they require you to take a plethora of extra courses that have nothing to do with your major. Not only can this be extremely frustrating at times, it can also draw your focus away from building the necessary skills you need for you desired profession. At an online college, your classes will be tailored to your degree, so you won't be forced to take a bunch of tedious classes that don’t interest you.
Not everybody has the luxury of attending a four-year university. Although they are relatively new, online colleges are a wonderful alternative to brick-and-mortar universities.
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