Sunday, October 28, 2012

Being A Mom With Style

Mom’s have one of the most powerful responsibilities in the world – bringing up children. Some days it may feel like you have no time for yourself and that you may be fated to wearing only practical, boring clothes until your children have grown. While there is nothing wrong with comfort and practicality, having some nice, fashionable clothing to wear can make you feel better.  Just because you are a busy mom, does not mean you have to throw away glamour. If your budget is a concern -- children can be expensive to raise – you can still find fashionable clothing. Here are tips for busy and budget-conscious moms who want to look their best.

Choosing Formal Wear
Every couple needs a date night occasionally, and single moms need a night out sometimes, too. Treat yourself to at least a couple of nice dresses or skirts for wearing on special evenings. Save money by shopping clearance sales, outlet stores, discount stores or even second hand stores. Second hand stores sometimes receive clothing that is new or gently used.

Choosing Casual Wear
Of course, fashionable clothing is not limited to formal wear. There is no rule that says moms have to wear boring jeans, generic pants or uninteresting shirts. Throw out your “mom jeans” and replace them with jeans that are more flattering. This may mean mid-rise jeans, boot cut jeans or whatever style you feel looks good for your body type.

If you are going out to the grocery store, running important errands after work or taking the kids to a zoo or park, you can look great doing it simply by dressing things up a little. Buy that fun, colorful blouse you always wanted, or that hot pair of boots. You may feel a confidence boost just by wearing clothes that make you feel attractive. Kids pick up on a lot and even they may pick up on the newer, happier you.

Adding cool accessories is one easy and inexpensive way to jazz up your outfits. Sometimes a scarf, hat or a great pair of boots changes a so-so outfit into a trendy outfit that grabs attention in all the right ways. A few pieces of nice jewelry, a sexy pair of sunglasses and an attractive wristwatch add style and glamour to your look.

Shop Online
Shopping online for your clothing is the perfect solution if you do not want to bring your children shopping with you. Sometimes it is too much of a hassle or it simply is not safe -- in winter, for example -- to get the kids clothed and in their car seats for a trip to the mall. Fortunately, online shops are not only convenient, but often provide great bargains.

The internet makes it easy to compare clothing prices. Do you have some outfit in mind or simply want to browse for a while? You can check out Pricegrabber prices, for example, to see what kinds of deals are out there. Nothing beats being able to shop for clothes while the kids are napping or playing.

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