Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Blanket + Puppet = CuddleUppets

My daughter makes sure to bring anything she wants on tv to my attention, each and every single time the commercial comes on!  If you have a child at home, then chances are you have heard of CuddleUppets!

Soft, warm and huggable... a CuddleUppet makes the perfect companion for your child or grandchild.  They are the perfect combination of practical (blanket) and fun (puppet)!  Perfect to cuddle and play with at home or in the car, and perfect for travel and sleepovers!

You can choose from 6 soft and cuddly friends; yellow dog, pink poodle, purple monkey, green crocodile, lady bug and a unicorn.  Making them perfect for boys and girls.

 "Blankets that are puppets! Play all day & sleep the night away."  CuddleUppets make a wonderful gift for the holidays, any child would be delighted to receive one!

Is your child asking for a CuddleUppet this holiday season?