Saturday, May 18, 2013

Simple Steps to Help Protect Yourself from Hackers

As much as I love the internet, I have always been concerned about certain information being stolen by hackers.  Several years ago my husband purchased train tickets online for his brother and a few days later we were contacted by our credit card company with concerns of suspicious activity on our account.  Sure enough, someone had gotten our credit card information and charged over $6000 worth of items including round-trip tickets to New York.

I know that nothing is full-proof but I do my best to make sure that my online transactions are as secure as possible.  I log-out after every online purchase, online banking session, and 

Data security is very important and something that everyone should be aware of.  There are several rules that I follow in order to help prevent our personal information from being stolen by hacking.  A few of the easiest include:

- I turn off my wifi and computer when not in use
- Our wifi is set up through a secure, password protected network
- I monitor my credit card and bank statements every month
- I use strong passwords with a combination of letters and numbers 
- I use antivirus software and a personal firewall on all of our computers

Have you ever had your identity or personal information stolen?

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Anonymous said...

Great tips. We follow all of those tips, and so far so good!

Jackie said...

These are all great tips!

People need to remember to NOT store their passwords where someone could get a hold of them and try to not use the same password for everything too!

Jessica said...

Great tips. We do the same here. We had our credit card numbers stolen a few years ago and it was such an incredible hassle. It took many months before things were back to normal. BTW, now we also have a second password attached to all of our credit cards.

Liz Mays said...

I've had credit cards compromised and my companies were good about handling it for me, but it was terribly worrisome and aggravating.

ConnieFoggles said...

Never knew about turning off wifi and even computer when it's not in use. Such good tips.