Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Road Trip Into the Future - The Sky is the Limit!


My daughter is almost 10 years old and brought home a fun assignment that they did in class last week.  I also love reading what goes through her mind, how she thinks, and what she thinks the future holds for her.

Road Trip into the Future

Four months from now: Improve on my hand writing.

One year from now: Go on a nice relaxing vacation.

Two years from now: To get into the 6th grade.

Three years from now: Get in Jr. High.

And further... To get my drivers license and a car.  I will go to a car dealer and get a car.  I will ace my drivers test!

Your hopes, dreams and goals: To get married, have kids and get a pet.

Keep Going!  The Sky is the Limit!

As her mother, I know that she has a bright future and that she can reach any goal that she sets her mind to!

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