Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My Favorite Christmas Tradition - Christmas Pajamas!

Every year since my children were born (they will be 10 and 12 this Christmas), I have bought them NEW pair of Christmas pajamas to wear on Christmas Eve. It's a Christmas tradition that I look forward to every year!  They don't get to see them or wear them before Christmas Eve. Not only do they LOVE getting their new jammies but it's perfect for Christmas morning photos.

Christmas 2004 (our daughter's first Christmas)

Christmas 2008

Christmas 2012

I can't wait to get pictures of them in their new Christmas pajamas this year, along with their one year old nephew who will also be at our house this year! (Pictured above - we spent Christmas with them last year, too!)

What is your favorite Christmas tradition?

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Anonymous said...

What a great Christmas tradition! Those are the traditions that make memories.