Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March Crowdtap Brand Drawings Summary‏ ~ I Won 6 Gift Cards!

I'm a huge fan on online rewards sites!  Not only are they fun - but they are the perfect way to earn great rewards and free gift cards!

It's the beginning of the month, which means the Crowdtap monthly drawing results for March were just announced and I won 6 Amazon gift cards!  That's right... 6 free gift cards that will be used towards purchasing Christmas gifts for my two kids this year!

"Congrats - you won drawings on Crowdtap! Hope you had fun engaging with brands last month and winning provided some icing on the cake" 


That's at least $30 worth of Amazon gift cards that cost me absolutely nothing!  I won't know for sure until they are delivered to my inbox, but they are worth between $5 and $50 each!

Dang, it feels good to be a Tapper! 

Crowdtap is just one of the many ways Being Frugal and Making it Work makes my budget stretch farther!

About Crowdtap:

Like to express yourself? Welcome to the Crowd!  We're a diverse community of new souls and social media geeks who live for... the next creative challenge.

Join our network of branded communities and help shape your next must-have product. Influence top brands in major decisions like product ideation, packaging, advocacy, and marketing.

In return, reap the rewards! Get access to monthly prizes, exclusive perks and product samples... just by sharing your opinions & showcasing your creativity through fun challenges! 
Get rewarded for your opinions & connect with the brands behind the products you use everyday.

Tap on, Tap on!

If you are a member of Crowdtap, how many gift cards did you win this month?


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