Friday, June 19, 2015

Experience the #FitTea All Natural 14 Day Detox

This post is brought to you by Markerly for FitTea and Being Frugal and Making It Work. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for my participation. As always, all opinions are 100% mine. 

It seems as though I have always struggled with my weight.   As a teenager, even though I wasn't overweight, I still thought I was fat.  Unfortunately, society has instilled a negative perception of how people (especially women) are suppose to look and how much they are suppose to weigh.  Size 0 is not the "norm" people... in fact, I recently read that the average American woman wears a size 14 dress!

As a mother of an 11 year old daughter, I have to constantly remind her that everyone is unique and different.  I don't want her to struggle with feeling like the "fat girl" or that she's "too heavy" to participate in certain types of activities.  TRUST ME, I work at her elementary school and hear those types of comments every single day... from girls as young as Kindergarten, and it breaks my heart!  What is this world coming to when a 5 year old feels fat?

I recently took the FitTea 14 Day Detox challenge in addition to making the right eating choices, and was pleasantly surprised with the results.  I will tell you about my results a little bit later.  Right now I want to tell you that I loved the fact that FitTea is all-natural!  In addition, it naturally gives you energy, boosts your metabolism, aids in digestive health and boosts fat-loss in those pesky problem areas. 


FitTea is an all natural blend of ingredients and helps with the following:

  • Promote Fat Burning
  • Boost Immune System
  • Promote & Soothe Digestion
  • Promote Loss Of Body Weight
  • Found To Have Antimicrobial Properties
It's not a "secret" anymore!  Now we can all benefit from this great tasting, all natural tea that helps promote weight loss, a happy digestive system, and healthy immune system.  We also can't forget the other great health benefits as well, such as a boost in both your energy levels and metabolism.  

As a busy mom of two active children (a teen and a tween), wife, Parapro, and Girl Scout co-leader - I can surely benefit from a little extra energy to help me keep up!


FitTea Review:

When I first opened my package of FitTea, I was greeted with a wonderful aroma.  It has an earthy aroma that is calming and soothing all on its own.  I can't really describe it... a little sweet, a little woody, but very pleasant and relaxing.  I was just hoping it would taste as good (or better) than it smelled.  It did!

There was a "taste tip" on the package that suggested adding honey or lemon.  I added a little honey and it was simply divine.  It can also be drank hot or cold - which I love!  There are some days where hot tea works, and other days when it's an iced tea kind of day.

My FitTea Results:

I managed to lose 4.7 pounds and 2 inches off my waist!  I will admit that I stepped on the scale multiple times to make sure that the results were accurate!  


#FitTea 14 Day Detox

Ingredients: Organic Green Tea, Oolong Wu Yi, Organic Rooibos, Ginger, Pomegranate, Guarana, Birch, Stevia, Corn and Honey Powder.

These ingredients provide a fast-working and natural detox. These natural ingredients have other benefits besides detox, which includes weight loss, increased energy levels, suppressing the appetite, and natural antioxidants.

Natural teas like FitTea have been used all over the world for thousands of years for weight loss and increased energy which helps anyone with a fitness program.

When to Drink: EVERY morning or before a workout.

How to Prepare: Place 1 teaspoon or 1 tea bag into a cup of nearly boiling water and steep for 3-5 minutes.  Remove strainer/tea bag and enjoy.  Tastes great hot or cold.

Taste Tips: Add honey or lemon.  I'll admit that I added a teaspoon of honey to each cup I drank and it was incredible!

I think it's important to teach our children the importance of eating healthy and being active.  It is also important to stress that there is no "easy fix" or "magic pill" when it comes to maintaining or losing weight.  It's about the choices you make and the lifestyle to lead!  As a mother, it is important to lead by example.

Being able to drink an all natural green tea that keeps my body functioning properly is the perfect addition to my daily routine.  It doesn't get much easier that drinking a delicious cup of tea each morning.

I know that we all have days where we feel that we just don't have the energy to get out of bed and conquer the many tasks at hand.  When turning off the alarm, rolling over and going back to sleep feels like our best option.  

Often times it's not about losing weight... it's about finding the energy to get through!  How do you get the extra energy that you need?

Give us a few weeks and we’ll give you a new waistline“ ~ FitTea


Lynsey Jones, The Party Plan Coach said...

Interesting! I do whole30 so I cant have the stevia, but when I am not in a round I may look in to this. I love tea!

Unknown said...

I'm a huge fan of Matcha green tea! It's a fabulous source of zen energy! This FitTea is intriguing... sounds like something I would enjoy :-)