Sunday, June 28, 2015

Fun, Colorful, Adorable Snack Bags for Kids!

I can't even begin to guess how many snack bags and sandwich bags we go through in a year.  I use them daily in both my kid's lunches and my husband's lunch.  Snacks, sandwiches, storage, party favors... they have so many uses!

Typically I just use clear plastic snack and sandwich bags, but I was recently given the opportunity to try some adorable snack bags from WEXY!  I have to admit that they are super cute and perfect for handing out Boogie Wipes samples...



Inspired by kids and created by moms, made in the USA, WEXY bags are great for lunch snacks, school snacks, or kids treats Using WEXY bags can help motivate your kids to eat healthy kids snacks such as raw food, organic snacks, gluten free or any other healthy recipe for kids. 

On their website, the Four Funky Monsters will offer free healthy recipes for kids, how to choose healthy lunch ideas, and snack recipes for kids on the go, so be sure to check it out. WEXY bags also work as a great storage bag, disposable or reuseable bag that can also be used for a crayon or two or for a kids special toy.

Inspired by kids and created by moms, WEXY snack bags are the perfect way to change the very image of "healthy" food for your kids. Motivated by their desire to restore natural childhood fun to snack time, Carie and Tracey created WEXY monsters with their own children driving their vision. They want to help our earth, too. That's why WEXY snack bags are as good to the globe (eco-friendly) as they are to your child's body. 

With their commitment to organic foods and practices, Tracey and Carie believe that sustaining our health means sustaining the earth as well. WEXY bags are biodegradable, BPA Free, disposable, recyclable, and reusable.

Other than the fact that these snack bags are adorable, I love the fact that they are also reusable!  They are durable and can easily be used again and again! 


Shelly Peterson said...

These are cute little snack bags! The kids would love these.

Anonymous said...

These are the cutest snack bags I've ever seen! Love the little monsters and kids will too!