Thursday, February 18, 2016

5 Tips to Lower Your Everyday Gasoline Expenses

Gasoline is one of our biggest daily expenses and there is no way of avoiding it. Most of us need it to power our vehicles each day, so that we can make our way to and from work, as well as run all of our most important errands. However, there are some ways to diminish that expense. Read on to learn more about how to save money on your gasoline costs.  


Drive Less 

The more trips you take, the more gas your car will burn. But did you know that when you leave your car sitting for hours at a time, the engine grows cold? As a result, it actually uses more fuel during the first few miles of driving when you restart it. This causes gasoline to be used more quickly. When you need to run a variety of errands, be sure to consolidate them into one trip. Taking unnecessary side trips must become a thing of the past!

Don't Drive During Rush Hour  

Most of us try our best to avoid driving during rush hour, but sometimes, it can be difficult to sidestep this particular time of day. Rush hour is a costly way to travel, since stopping and starting in traffic burns fuel at a much faster rate. Every time the car stops and starts again, the car needs to use first gear, which is bad for our fuel conservation. If you must travel during rush hour, keep acceleration and braking to a minimum. Strive to travel at a steady rate of speed

Get Rid Of Your Roof Rack 
A ski or roof rack is quite a convenient invention, and can help you during many trips. It's handy to have one, especially with the attractive prices on those items offered now by Overstock with the use of Discountrue coupons. However, if you're under impression that leaving your rack on the car later will not cause any issues, you would be wrong. An empty roof rack increases the vehicle's drag, which causes you to burn gas faster. Taking the time to stow away roof and ski racks when you are not using them goes a long way towards decreasing your gasoline costs.  

Don't Carry Needless Weight 

Keeping a bunch of inessential items in the trunk of your car is much like carrying unnecessary weight on your body. It is not needed and will only serve to cause problems. Thoroughly inspect your car and remove all of the heavy items that are causing gasoline to burn more quickly, such as golf clubs or skis.  

Adhere To The Speed Limit 

If you have a lead foot, this might be the culprit for your excessive gasoline consumption. While driving your car more quickly might increase the rate of speed, it also increases the amount of fuel you are burning. The time that is saved on your journey is canceled out by the usage of extra fuel, so watch out for that!

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Anonymous said...

I've been thrilled to see gas prices dropping over the past few weeks! Finally below $2 a gallon!