Friday, February 5, 2016

Learn to Love You in February: #PSLoveMe Challenge ~ Day 5

If there is one thing that is certain, is that nothing rarely ever goes according to plans.  There is almost always going to be some bumps, turns, or bridges in the road that take you on a different path.  Whether it's parenting, schooling, work, or just life in general.

I would simply tell my past self (and everyone else) to see where the road takes you.  Don't regret your decisions, learn from your mistakes, and live life to the fullest!  You never know what tomorrow will bring, or if it will even come, so live, laugh, love and forgive!

What is the #PSLoveMe Challenge? 

#PSLoveMe is a challenge to learn to love you. Everyday there will be a prompt for you to look at yourself, embrace who you are, and hopefully help you learn that you are beautiful, you are amazing, and you need to love who you are!

How do I participate in #PSLoveMe? 

Everyday there will be a prompt, you can share an instagram, a tweet, a blog, a video or even just in our fb group page that was inspired by that prompt. Just make sure if when you share add the hashtag #PSLoveMe.

Download the #PSLoveMe challenge prompts image and upload to Instagram or share on your blog. (Please don’t crop off the and link back to her on instagram (@unicornbeauty).

What would you tell your past self?

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Anonymous said...

Take each day one day at a time. To be honest, that's really all you can do anyways!