Wednesday, May 2, 2018

JORD Wood Watches ~ The Perfect Gift that is Timeless!

My son turned 17 in March.  To be completely honest, these past couple of years has been difficult when shopping for his birthday and Christmas gifts.  When he was younger, it was so easy and simple... cars, trucks, dart guns, all the simple things that little kids love.  Now that he is a young adult, the ease is gone and my husband and I have had to think outside of the box.

I recently contacted JORD and was thrilled when they said they would send me a wooden watch in exchange for my honest review!  Wood watches?  Would this be the perfect gift for my teenager?  Would he love it or think it was stupid?  If you're a parent of a teenager, then you know that either one of those answers could be a reality.

When the JORD package arrived, I was super excited to see the watch up close and in person.  I was hoping that my son would love it and that I had found the perfect gift.  I showed the wood watch to my husband and he thought it was super cool.  He also told me that he secretly hoped our son would hate it, so that he could have it!  Would our teenager love it or hate it?
As soon as you open the package, a rustic, woody smell drifts out. Inside is a beautiful wooden box containing the stylish wood watch. This box itself is an amazing work of art. I wish I had twenty of them!  It has a drawer for extra band links, oil to treat the wood, and a cleaning cloth for the glass face of the watch.  It is the perfect safe place to keep your watch when you're not wearing it.

So, I'm sure you're wondering what our 17 year-old son thought about the Dover Series wood watch.  Well, he loved it!  He was so impressed when he saw it and said it was super cool!  His first thought... I can't wait to wear it to Prom!

In addition to being stylish, it has several great features:
  • it is self-winding, automatic (requires no battery)
  • it is splash-proof but should not be submerged in water
  • comes in 4 different wood choices and hare hand finished
One unique thing about this watch is that you can see the gears and watch them move.  My son admits that sometimes he starts to watch the gears and "loses himself" and goes into a daze watching the inner-workings of the watch.

Trust me when I say that these wood watches are even more beautiful and stunning in person.  The attention to detail and the wood grain is simply amazing.  It has got to be the most beautiful watch I have ever seen! 

JORD Wood Watches make the best gifts --- they have a wonderful selection of wood watches for both men and women!  For a more personalized gift --- for weddings, birthdays or anniversaries--- they also offer custom engraving for an additional charge!  You can choose to have the backplate of the watch or the cedar box engraved with your special message.

JORD hand-crafted wood watches are a TIMELESS gift!  I have no doubt that my son is going to be able to enjoy this unique and stylish watch throughout his adulthood.

How would you like to WIN a $100 JORD gift certificate?  All you have to do is click and enter your name & email... THAT'S IT!

This giveaway will end on May 13th.  As soon as the giveaway ends, JORD has software that will randomly select a winner, and email everyone who entered notifying them that the giveaway ended.  They also email the winner their prize!


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