Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Educational Board Games for Kids ~ The Perfect Christmas Gift!


As a mom, aunt, and teacher --- I love games that combine fun and learning!

Rooster Race and Monkeys Up are award-winning, simple-to-learn, fun to play, and provide educational value. These educational board games are fun for the whole family but will also help kids practice memory, logic, addition, subtraction, logic and motor skills. 


When playing Monkeys Up, you compete to get the highest set of three monkeys. Each monkey has a value hidden under its feet that is only revealed when flipped. Players take turns rolling a cube and completing the action; switch, steal, or flip.

When you're having a Rooster Race, the object of the game is to make educated guesses; to predict if the value of the top card in your card stack is higher or lower than the last card played by your opponent. If you have ever played war or blackjack, Rooster Race will be your next card game favorite for family game night!

Both of these games are cute and fun!  I also love how durable the game pieces are.  It's a win-win situation when you can combine learning and fun into one.  

Rooster Race and Monkeys Up were both teacher-created with fun and learning in mind. These games are portable and easy to travel with to BBQ's, parties, game night, or even vacation.  They also make the perfect addition to any classroom for math centers and free-play.

What is your favorite educational board game?


John Smith said...

Both of those have fun graphics, and look like they'd be fun to play!

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