Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mompact: Busy Breathers Oxygen Backpack Review and Giveaway

When my dad was diagnosed with COPD and emphysema just over a year ago he didn't know what to expect.  Learning how to live differently and not being able to do things he's done for years was going to be a difficult transition.  When he started using oxygen it was awkward and uncomfortable which was compounded due to the fact that he has chronic back pain to deal with as well.  Finding a comfortable and easy way for him to transport his oxygen was going to be crucial!

The Busy Breathers oxygen backpack was specifically made to carry an oxygen tank or cylinder.  It has a clear vinyl window to view the tank gauge, a reinforced base to carry the extra weight, extra padded shoulder straps for extra comfort, and a metal grommet for the nasal cannula.

You might be thinking to yourself that a backpack would be bulky, uncomfortable and difficult to carry around, right? 

Surprisingly, the Busy Breathers oxygen backpack is comfortable and easy to wear.  It has padding and cushion in all the right places and it cinches up tightly and doesn't slide around when you move.

It's the perfect size, not too bulky and not too small.  The oxygen bottle fits perfectly and snug inside.  There is also just enough room for a few "extras" as well including a drink, snack and anything else you might need on your trip out.

Busy Breathers was "born" when the inventors son was born 3 months premature.  After four months in the neonatal intensive care unit, she was very excited to finally get her precious little boy home. This happiness however was overshadowed by fear.

The fear about her baby being on oxygen 24 hours a day for at least the next year if not longer. Along with this fear was her frustration of having to carry a purse, diaper bag, bottles, oxygen bag-along with my baby and equipment.

She knew there had to be a better system to carry all of these items but could find anything available. Because of this frustration, she decided to design her own oxygen bag, one organized system. Her bag made life a lot easier, especially since her family was on the go almost every day. She knew that the Busy Breathers oxygen backpack would help mothers that have children on oxygen, as well as others that have to be on oxygen, get back to their busy lifestyle with more ease and efficiency.

 This review and giveaway is part of an amazing blog hop.  There are 120 blogs participating in the Mompact Blog Hop and I highly encourage you to visit and enter the other giveaways!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this giveaway. Having a preemie myself who is on oxygen, this would be great for our travels!

Unknown said...

This is a wonderful giveaway. I am so glad they have this for all ages.

Unknown said...

Working in advocacy as I am, I have many friends who their children are on oxygen.

I as well not yet on oxygen but know I can be with my diagnosis very soon

The McKennas said...

I would love one of these because i have a friend whos baby is preemie and has a oxygen tank. She has a hard time lugging it around.


shirley said...

I am thankful we do not need this, but we have a family member that could use, would give to them, thank you.

Unknown said...

my sister's daughter was a preemie and they never left the house because they didn't have a way to carry all of the equipment. i love this product for so many reasons! i am the mother of 6 and never needed it but will definitely recommend if it comes up again!