Sunday, October 16, 2011

Being the Mom

Thanks for the guest post by Neville Mcintyre

I love being a mom but I really struggle with how much technology to allow my kids. They’ve got satellite in their rooms (although I did go to cabletvadvisor to look into the best family package) and they’ve got all the video games you can imagine. They both have cell phones because they’re teenagers and I want them to have them for emergencies and of course, they’ve got laptops because they need them for school. Basically I just really don’t want to be overexposing them to these things or making them detached from the real world but it’s hard to know how much is just keeping up with the times and how much is too much. I love them to death and I want to do right by them as a mother but it’s hard to figure this one out. When I looked the subject up online all the opinions were totally different and the message boards were full of arguments. 

Does anyone out there have an opinion they’d like to share with me?

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