Monday, October 31, 2011

Puppies vs. Babies Online Contest - Which are Cuter?

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Let's face it, puppies and babies are two of the cutest things on earth!  When you see an adorable baby or a cute puppy it's difficult not to smile and take a second look.  Even my 7 year old daughter has a fetish for babies and puppies. 

When it comes to judging and choosing between Puppies vs. Babies, it's a very difficult choice to make.  They are both equally cute in their own ways.  Babies are cute with their chubby cheeks, thighs and giggles that come from their tummies.  Puppies are soft, cuddly and playful!

Of course, there are those puppies and babies that just don't have the cuteness factor like others do.  Don't lie - you're thinking it but you just didn't want to say it!  Right?  Whenever my Grandma sees an ugly baby she comments with, "Now that's a baby!"

As a mom, I know that we all think that our babies are the cutest!  Of course they are!

Now through November 23rd, you can cast your vote in the Puppies vs. Babies online contest. The winning puppy or baby will walk away with $5,000!  When placing your vote remember...

If you can't play with the big dogs... stay on the porch!

What do you think?  Are babies or puppies cuter?

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Anonymous said...

I think there will be a lot of attention on the contest in the upcoming weeks! Regardless of who wins I think it will be interesting.