Thursday, October 6, 2011

Shopping For Free: Freebie Coupon Shopping - $32.23 Worth of Groceries for Only $1.82

I have several free product coupons that I have been holding onto, just waiting to make a trip to the grocery store and get some great freebies!  I have several more free product coupons but don't want to overwhelm or frustrate the cashiers, so I take them in a few at a time.

This is my most recent shopping trip:

My Freebie Coupon Shopping Trip:

Fresh Express Veggie Lovers Salad: $3.58 + Free Coupon = Free
Blue Bunny Ice Cream Sandwiches: $4.94 + Free Coupon = Free
Martini Gold Green Apple Mixer: $2.68 + Free Coupon = Free   
Freschetta Pizza by the Slice: $1.98 + Free Coupon = Free 
Suave Leave-In Conditioner: $1.99 + Free Coupon = Free
Gorton's Shrimp Poppers: $8.93 + Free Coupon = Free 
Mi-Del Ginger Snaps: $3.63 + Free Coupon = Free
Wholly Guacamole:  $2.68 + Free Coupon = Free

 By using freebie coupons I only had to pay sales tax.  My price out-of-pocket was only $1.82.


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Anonymous said...

That is awesome! Can't beat the price of FREE!