Thursday, June 7, 2012

Do not let Illness Take Your Money Away!

Everybody hates being sick. It is life threatening, it feels unwell, and it really knows how to take out money from your wallet. The antibiotic prescription, which must be completed at all costs, can last for as long as 7 to 14 days with 3 to five dosages per day. If your medicine costs $2, that's an easy $42 to $140. Add the check-up laboratory and all sorts of processes here and you will really have a handful of expenditures here. So to save on medicine, here are some helpful tips:  

1. Prevention is better than cure And indeed it is. Always eat healthy, take vitamins regularly and you should avoid unwanted illnesses. Despite the impression that this costs more, it actually is the contrary. Avoiding junk foods and fast food can save you a lot. The vitamins hardly cost any especially when compared to having an illness. Drink milk and eat other whole foods. Match proper diet and exercise and you will avoid having costly and life threatening conditions like diabetes, kidney problems, liver problems, hypertension and so on. Washing your hands regularly does not only promote good health but also good hygiene. So aside from being healthy, you'll be saving money and will be looking damn good.   

2. Consult a proper doctor Do not listen to other people’s medications or formulate your own prescription and diagnosis just by using Google. Doctors have studied the trade for years and a simple Google search will not do. It is just more likely o aggravate the situation by having you take a wrong medicine or making the matters worse for you. By the time you see a doctor; the prescription will be more expensive due to complications.  

3. Water water water If you are diagnosed with simple cold or cough, I suggest refraining from antibiotics. It weakens your immune system and contributes to the growth of superbugs——bacteria that are very hard to kill because of its immunity to antibiotics. For simple diseases, take lots and lots of water and eat properly (with lots of slow release carbohydrates like oatmeal). This helps your body function properly and fight bacteria and viruses by itself. Doing so does not only save you money but also helps you avoid unwanted side-effects of drugs.  

4. Go generic This is the most popular advice nowadays. Prescription medicines have the same content no matter the brand. It's just that the more expensive brand has a better packaging and spent its money on advertisement. Pharmacies make sure that all their medicines are new and are effective thus; always ask for a generic alternative. It can save you a lot of money.  

5. Use discount coupons Many people think that discount coupons are only for groceries. Some also apply on medicine and pharmacy items. Target has a large, reliable and affordable selection of drugs and other items. Thus, if you want to search for coupons, starting at Target coupons would be good.

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