Saturday, June 9, 2012

How to Get the Latest Phone Models for Less

Perhaps nobody can deny the great functionality that smart phones have and how these functions have affected our lifestyle. Whether it was the fast paced lifestyle that brought about the creation of smartphones or if smart phones made the modern lifestyle possible is a chicken and egg question. However, this is for another story. The point is that the relationship between the two is clear. And with this kind of relationship, society almost demands that one has a smartphone in order to perform significant functions that daily life requires; checking on your family, receiving office files, checking your email, navigation and so on.

Because of its benefits, one must simply own a smart phone. This is easier said than done however as smart phones nowadays can cost just as much as your regular laptop or desktop PC would. This can make owning a smart phone financially problematic. If such a case is familiar, then these tips on how to obtain the latest smart phones for less may help.  

1. Refurbished Phones Some shops and network carriers offer refurbished phones at discounted rates. However, the word refurbished turns many consumers off. I would not be too hasty in judging refurbished phones however. I have had some of such phones and so did some of my friends. And as for my experience, I would say that refurbished phones are just as reliable as new ones. Aside from this, refurbished phones also have warranties that are just as good as that of brand new phones. Thus, being refurbished is not much of an issue in the way of durability.

 2. AT&T Advantage AT&T has a program that lets you have the latest phone models for free provided that you have already completed 10 months of the subscription. This, however, may require you to upgrade your plan depending on your selected phone model. Thus, if you are subscribed to an AT&T plan for more than 10 months, then you may be able to get the latest phone model for no cost at all. This also makes subscribing to an AT&T plan very worthwhile if you are into always having the latest smart phone models.  

3. Postpaid Subsidy Given the cost of the latest smart phones, going for postpaid subsidy seems to be the best choice if you are tight on budget. Postpaid subsidy is automatically achieved through subscribing for a postpaid plan. When doing so, you will get the latest phones for very low rates or even for free. The iPhone 4S, for instance can be bought for only $99 to $299. Some high end phones that supposedly require cash outs can also be had for free by using online promotions that you can get from wireless coupon sites like The only downside to this method is that your phone will be bound to the postpaid contract that restricts you to using the plan for at least two years and that you will be unable to use your phone with another network.

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