Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tips on How to Cut Back Your Data Consumption

The time where talk time minutes were used more often than data has passed. Nowadays, an average American phone user would consume over $50 of data per month. If this sounds familiar, then you will need to seriously cut your consumption as $50 is no laughing matter.

To do this, here are some tips on how to cut back your monthly data consumption.

1. Use your PC for streaming Streaming videos is one of the fastest consumers of mobile data; over 2 MB per minute. If you would like to stream videos, it would be wiser to do it in a PC or find an establishment that offers free WiFi.

2. Save Music Files As opposed to streaming audio via Pandora or other internet radio, simply download the songs that you like and save it. Make a huge playlist of your favourite music and use shuffle. You'll have a radio just like Pandora without the huge demands on mobile data per month.

3. Choose memory card compatible phones In relation to the previous item, instead of uploading and downloading files into your cloud storage, just buy a phone that is compatible with the memory card. It is a lot less complicated, faster, easier, more versatile, larger (due to 'swappability'), and does not consume large amounts of data rates.

4. Download Headers Only Synchronizing emails regularly can consume up to 1 GB of data per month. To reduce this, simply adjust your email sync settings to download "headers only" and do not open unimportant emails. Doing so will prevent loading the content of the email into your phone which cuts off a significant amount of data usage.

5. Wise Downloading Perhaps all of us are constantly being tempted to always browse and download new applications, especially when they are hyped. I suggest downloading applications like games one by one and finish them before downloading another one. This will reduce your download rate. It is also wise to read application reviews and only download apps that are worth downloading.

6. Use Promotions If heavy data consumption is inevitable, it is wise to subscribe to a truly unlimited data plan like that offered by Verizon or avail some data promotions by using Verizon promo code.

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