Saturday, July 21, 2012

Organizational and Green Cleaning Tips from Baby Harmony All-Natural Cleaners

Hello, we are Baby Harmony All-Natural Cleaners, and are delighted to be sharing some organizational and green cleaning tips with “Being Frugal and Making It Work”!!
At Baby Harmony All-Natural Cleaners we like to share with our readers and customers not only helpful product usage tips, but also how to live Greener! We believe in part that a green clean lifestyle encompasses a more simplified lifestyle. Having “LESS” really means that you have “MORE”! 
MORE Time-for the things you really want to do.
MORE $Savings--You are not making purchases to replace what you couldn’t find —only to find what you were looking for after you made another purchase!
MORE Health—Reduced personal stress due to living a simplified & organized lifestyle. 
MORE Awareness—“Otherness thinking”, because you have it together more internally you can look for ways to actively be involved in helping your community & the environment.
Let’s look at this idea in a practical way. I’m Brenda…with Baby Harmony All-Natural Cleaners and I would like to share with you some practical tips to help simplify your life! The focus of this blog is on children’s bedrooms, (although the assessment and organizational tips to follow would work in any room).
As a mother, how many times have you heard this phrase yelled out by one of your kid’s?
“Mom, I can’t find my___________!”
Begin with an Assessment: What is the item he/she keeps losing? Why can’t he/she find it? More than likely the problem lies in the fact that there is too much stuff in the room and or not enough storage.
Take Action—Get Organized: There are basically three places our “stuff” can go. When I help my children deep clean their rooms this is how we begin…
  • Label three boxes as “For Keeps”, “Charity” & “Discard”
  • Take each item in the room and place it in one of the boxes. You can sort everything this way; from clothes/shoes to toys/DVD’s.
  • Once that has been completed, look at what is in your “For Keeps” box and determine how you need to organize the room to manage what you plan to keep. There are many creative storage shelves and totes/bins available today so have fun! ‘Tis the season for garage sales, so be on the lookout for shelving ideas when out garage sale shopping!

Follow through with Deep Cleaning: Our Baby Harmony products can be used in any room—even on your vehicles! (Our focus here will stay planted in the kids’ bedrooms.)
In the bedrooms I like to use Baby Harmony All-Purpose Cleaner on light fixtures, ceiling fan blades, walls, doors and trim. It even works in place of your regular dusting spray. Lightly spray some Baby Harmony All-Natural All-Purpose Cleaner on a clean cloth and wipe down the bed’s headboard & footboard, night stand and dresser (both inside & out). 
My children when they were younger enjoyed giving their toys a bath. 

(This works only for submergible toys.) Fill a bathtub 1/3 the way up with warm water. Pour in some Baby Harmony Dish & Bottle Wash under the running water & dump the toys in. My sons had a blast washing their toys! Take the toys out and allow them to air dry on bath towels (or beach towels for added fun).
For non-submergible toys, spray Baby Harmony Toy & Highchair Cleaner on them & just wipe off! Finish the room by adding the necessary shelving and storage to accommodate needs.
Thanks again “Being Frugal and Making it Work” for allowing us to share a few of our tips with you!
--From Baby Harmony All-Natural Cleaners
….enjoy your green clean, organized room!

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Shelly Peterson said...

Lots of great tips here. Especially the,Take Action—Get Organized tip, I really need to do this one