Friday, December 7, 2012

Five Frugal Gift Ideas for this Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner, and money is likely to be a concern on the minds of many gift-givers this holiday season. Though the economy is still attempting to recover and extra money is scarce for most shoppers this year, gift giving is still necessary. Luckily there are several options for giving gifts this year that will save you money and provide long-lasting enjoyment to the gift recipient.

Edible Treats
Few people don't like to see something delicious with their name on it under the tree. One of the most economical, and environmentally friendly, gifts to give is something edible. If you have some skills in the kitchen, cook up a sweet treat for someone special. Whip up a dozen chocolate chip cookies or a batch of brownies to give a loved one with a sweet tooth. The ingredients cost little and treats can be packed in re-usable holiday tins.

Homemade Cards
For many friends and relatives, a simple card is more than enough to warm their hearts. Rather than spend a fortune on store-bought cards, put your imagination to work and create your own. Use paper and pens you have around the house to make Christmas greetings, or find one of the many free programs available online to create a one-of-a-kind card for each recipient. Cards can be recycled after the holiday.

Decorative Photo Frame
Another way to make a personalized gift for pennies is to create decorative photo frames. Purchase inexpensive wooden picture frames from a discount store, along with a selection of beads, shells, feathers or any other decor. These items do not cost much, and can be used on multiple frames. Use hot glue to affix the decor items to the frames, making each one unique to the tastes of the recipient. Your homemade gift will be enjoyed for years to come.

Something Sticky
In most homes, magnets are a constant presence on the refrigerator or freezer. Make a friend a personalized set of magnets. In craft stores, magnets or magnetic strips cost next to nothing. Purchase a set of bare magnets, then hot glue decorative items to their tops. Use things you have around the home, such as interesting rocks, buttons or bottle caps, or buy inexpensive shells or rhinestones.

Gift of Scent
Everyone loves a scented candle, and it is not hard or expensive to make your own. Recipes for homemade candles are plentiful online. Look for one you like, then hit the craft store to buy beeswax and scented essential oils. Make small candles in muffin tins, or put them in jars saved from jelly and pickles. The recipient can light your homemade candle and enjoy it for days, or even weeks or months.

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FireRunner2379 said...

We usually have the kids make gifts for their Grandparents, it's more meaningful not to mention the fact that I have a hard time buying for them. The kids enjoy the crafts and they also like to help make the cookies (they like the dough as much as I)!