Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ten Tips for Making This the Ultimate Holiday Season For You and Your Family

Many people think that in order for their children to have a wonderful Christmas, they have to spend a ton of money.  They buy the most expensive gifts and every item that their child has been asking for all year long.  I'll admit that I want my children to have the best Christmas each year and for them to get the things they have been wishing for.  I'll also be the first to admit that it is possible to do just that without spending a lot of money.

I'm going to share 10 Frugal Tips For Making this (and every year) the Ultimate Holiday Season for you and your Family!

1.  Make Memories!  Life is about making memories that are going to last a lifetime, it's very important. I have so many wonderful memories from my childhood.  My parents made sure to make the most of every moment and every day that we spent together. Since becoming a parent myself, I've always strived to do the same.  Memories are priceless and in the end, that's all we will have to hold on to.

2.  Start a New Tradition!  Traditions are the things that we look forward to each and every year.  Whether it's at Christmas, birthdays, Easter, Thanksgiving or even summer vacation.  Traditions can be anything from new pajamas on Christmas Eve to a special holiday dessert.

3.  Shop Early!  If you have an idea of who you are shopping for and what you would like to get, you can save a bundle by shopping early!  Clearance, sales and coupons are the perfect way to save and make your funds stretch farther. 

4.  Give to Others!  Be sure to think of those who are less fortunate that you are.  It doesn't take much to make a big difference in the life of another.  Donate to the local food bank or adopt a family from a Giving Tree.

5.  Spend Time With Family!  Spend as much time with your family as your possibly can.  We should do this all year long, but we all know how busy we can be.  Taking the time to be with and share with family should always be at the top of our "to-do" list!  We never know when our time will be over or if today will be our last chance.  Don't risk having any regrets!

6.  Take Lots of Pictures!  You will be thankful for every single photo you take.  You'll be able to look back at those photos for years to come and remember the good times you had.  Some of the photos will make you laugh and some will probably even make you cry.

7.  Bake Holiday Treats!  There is just something about holiday baking that makes the holiday season a special one.  The family bonding, the house filled with the aroma of fresh baked cookies - there's nothing that is much sweeter.  Add a cup of hot cocoa or hot apple cider to add the perfect touch!

8.  Watch Holiday Movies!  From the time I was a little kid, watching holiday movies on TV was something I looked forward too.  Rudolph, Frosty, Charlie Brown, A Christmas Story.  Snuggle up on the couch, wrap up in a blanket with a bowl of popcorn and enjoy your favorite holiday movies!

9.  Music and Lights!  Holiday music and Christmas lights make things happy, joyous and bright.  One of my favorite Christmas season activities is going for a drive around town and looking at all the wonderful Christmas lights.  Looking at lights while listening to Christmas songs on the radio is the perfect family outing.

10.  Act Like a Kid Again!  Build a snowman!  Lay down in the snow and make a snow angel!  Stand outside and count how many snowflakes you can catch on your tongue!  Get in a snowball fight!  Go sledding!  You'll be amazed at how much fun you'll have and exactly how young you'll feel. 

No matter what your holiday traditions are or how much money you spend on gifts, I really hope that you have a wonderful holiday season!  Don't forget to remember that it's the thought that counts.  And that making memories are what you (and your kids) are going to remember in the years to come!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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