Friday, March 15, 2013

Nectresse - Zero Calorie Sweetener (Review + Free Sample & Coupon)

Seven months ago I decided to begin my weight loss journey and cut certain foods and drinks from my diet.  As part of my plan, I made the choice to enjoy zero or low calorie beverages and stop drinking my calories!   

Nectresse is a natural no calorie sweetener from the makers of Splenda.  Made from the extract of monk fruit, Nectresse brings the rich sweetness of sugar, without all the calories and is an all-natural way to consume less sugar while still enjoying the foods and drinks you love.

Perfect for use in all your favorites:

1. Tea - iced or hot
2.  Coffee - iced or hot
3.  Cereal - hot or cold
4. Baking Goodies
5. Hot Oatmeal
6. On Top of Fresh Fruit
7. Lemonade

Did you know that  just one packet of Nectresse provides all the sweetness of two teaspoons of sugar?  I love the sweetness and taste.  It makes all of my favorite naturally sweet without the additional calories.  For me it's a win-win situation!

There is no bitter after-taste, and my husband has no idea that I've been using Nectresse in his iced tea instead of sugar!

Want to try Nectresse zero calorie sweetener before you buy it?  You can get a free sample and a money saving coupon for a future purchase!  Available in two convenient sizes; 140 Serving Canister and 40 Count Packets.

What is your favorite sweetener?


Carrie with Children said...

My husband loves drinking sweet tea and this looks like it would make a great substitute!

Anonymous said...

I've always been a sugar girl. I just try to make sure I have it in moderation. I can't get behind sugar substitutes.

Anonymous said...

I've tried some of this before, and it wasn't bad.

Liz Mays said...

I'd like to try it and see how it does in baking!

Amy said...

I've heard of monk fruit but never tasted a sweetener made from it. Sounds like a good alternative to sugar.

Heather! said...

This has become my favorite sweetener for my coffee! Great product.

Unknown said...

I love natural sweeteners as opposed to man-made ones. I'm glad to see Nectresse is natural! Next to honey, I like to add the natural sweetness of stevia to my drinks and meals, so I think Nectresse would be a great fit. I'll have to try that sample! Thanks for the coupon and the post!

Deanna said...

I've never tried anything else besides splenda. But my body does NOT like it!

Anonymous said...

Well, my favourite sweeetener is Stevia as it is made up of natural leaves and it is easy to consume.
Stevia Sweetener

FireRunner2379 said...

My favorite is definitely honey, I eat lots of it. I've actually thrown around the idea of having my on colony in the yard!

lilyk said...

I don't really have a favorite sweetener.

Nancy R said...

my favorite sweetener is honey! I love all the different flavors and the health benefits of using honey!

CinnamonT3 said...

We use date sugar now. It's less sweet but we only use real food based food. We also use raisins and dates to sweeten a lot