Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Four Fun Jewelry Display Ideas

As much of the country is hit with one terrible snow storm after the next, many of us are being forced to find our own indoor fun. This is the time in which many of us turn to our crafting kits and excitedly set out to make decorations, knick-knacks . . . but why not DIY something useful? Yes, making jewelry is fun, but why not spruce up your room with a new organizer or holder? While the different designs and textiles you can use are certainly bountiful, below are some fun ideas to get you started. 
Double as Wall Art
Your jewelry doesn’t only look good on you, but on your wall as well. Think about fun ways you can hang your earrings, necklaces and more. For a easy-to-do design, take a piece of wood and attach simple hooks to it; as boring as this may sound, there is plenty of ways you can customize this project to make it truly your own. Do you want to lacquer a blown-up photograph to the surface? Paint it white and do splatter art? Consider fun alternatives to customary pegs like door knobs, Polly pockets, wire that is hung horizontally and more. Of course, wood doesn’t have to be the only surface you utilize as a foundation. For instance, you can stretch the fabric of an unused scarf tautly across a backless picture frame and let the stems of your earrings penetrate the material. 
Reuse Kitchen Items
Not all pieces of jewelry can be hung, so raid the kitchen and recycling bin for household items you can re-purpose to be holders. Spray paint jelly jars for a colorful holder for hair ties; glass bottles can be used to stack your bangles; ice cube trays or cupcake sheets can be painted and utilized for smaller accessories; and saucers can be used to hold studs inside while dangly earrings hang on the outside of the edge

Incorporate Rustic Touches
Rustic touches add a timeless innocence to any space, and are extremely easy to turn into jewelry organizers. Perhaps the most basic option is to find a sturdy branch, spray it with lacquer and, using dabs of super glue, position it steadily inside a colored glass holder. For a minimalistic but attractive look, Why not attach two identical pieces of wood to the wall and stretch multiple layers of rope between the two; earrings can pierce the fiber while necklaces with collapses can dangle
Using Color to Add Personality
Let’s face it – some of us are simply not that crafty. While you may love the idea of making a piece that reflects our unique taste, you’ll never use it if it’s precariously thrown together. Therefore, why not take the short-cut of having an affordable jewelry organizer like the ones found at Taylor Gifts shipped to your door? From there, you can pull out the paints, super glue, buttons, ribbons and more to make the box or hanger a fun representation of your style. This is an especially practical and fun activity for children. While there are plenty of diverse looks you can achieve, the easiest way to perfect a clean, defined pattern or shape is to carefully shape a straightforward stencil from construction paper
As stated above, there are ample possibilities for DIY jewelry holders. To get started in the process, begin by brainstorming ideas or hunting online for inspiration. Remember to consider the surrounding environment’s color palette and, above all else, to have fun!


Mike said...

Nice read! I like the suggestions.

lil_lady_dz said...

Great ideas. I use mini cupcake stands with the lids to store bracelets and watches. I also made my own jewelry wall holder out of wood and chicken wire.

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