Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Know Some Basics about the Furnace Maintenance


Winter will remind us always about the heating system or Furnace. Maintaining and repairing the furnace is very essential especially during cold winter. If you are looking for the repair and Furnace Denver services, look for the one having professional and expert technician team. 

During cool winters not having the furnace working for even a single day can be a problem. Hence, it is important that the heating system is maintained properly and repaired immediately in case of any issue. There are certain points if kept in mind the effectiveness of the furnace can be increased. Some of such points are mentioned below in detail. 

1. Changing Filters 

Furnace filters must be changed on regular basis. Once, the filters are not clean it affect the performance of furnace aversively. In case the air from the ducts draws out then furnace won’t be able to produce the warm air through the registers. In such a situation, the furnace will start making the wheezy sound. Hence, it is very import to either get the filters cleaned if possible otherwise get them changed. 

2. Checking The Duct Work 

Check if there will be any leakage in the duct work. In case during the installation there has been any gap left over the duct work or any hole that is leaking the air in the metal sheet. In this situation the air will be lost and heating will not be maintained. The Furnace will have work harder in this case and heated air will be transferred to the unheated areas in place of the living place. In such a situation, the holes can be patched through the good quality aluminum tape and the openings can be covered. This way the air leakage will be stopped and furnace efficiency can be maintained. 
3. Checking the Thermostat Performance 

It is also important to check if the thermostat is also working properly or not. Any glitches with the thermostat can create the problem with the settings and performance of the heating system. This way proper and consistent heating will not be maintained. Hence, it is advisable to have the programmable thermostat installed it will save the energy when you set it at the sleep mode or you are away from home. 

4. Checking the Combustion Chamber 

When you are inspecting the blower, ducts and moving parts of the furnace, check the combustion chamber carefully. Check if the air mix is properly adjusted or not. You can also check if the flame is of blue or of yellow color. 

5. Checking the Ignition System 

Check if the ignition system is in proper working condition or not. If the electronic ignition system is not working, the heating will not start. 

 However, in case if you feel any issue, it is always better to look for the professions services like Furnace Denver, and others available in your area. The expertise of the Furnace Denver service providers will ensure that you have the warmness in your home this winter too.


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