Sunday, October 23, 2016

Fighting Pretty ~ Helping Women Battling Breast Cancer Feel Strong & Beautiful!

Hello Beautiful!  Some days that's all a woman needs to hear to change her outlook around!  Trust me!  As I went through my own battle with breast cancer this past year, hearing those words from my husband when I felt (and looked) my worst,was what helped get me through!

Fighting Pretty creates “Pretty Packages” for women who are undergoing treatment, as well as for those who have completed treatment and need a beauty “pick me up.” Pretty Packages include beauty products, scarves, inspirational items, a journal and more. Most important, are their adorable signature mini pink boxing gloves.


Let me start by saying that their Pretty Packages are simply amazing!  When I openend mine, I started crying because it made me feel so special in such an emotional and vulnerable time in my life!  The items inside were so much more that I ever would have expected!  The mini pink boxing loves were my favorite!

The founder of Fighting Pretty is also a breast cancer survivor.  After her "battle was over," she decided to help other women facing the same battle by helping them feel strong and beautiful!  In just under one year, Kara, with the help of her mom and friends, sent 500 Pretty Packages to women battling all types of cancer, all over the country! 

Their mini pink boxing gloves represent strength and hope. When Fighting Pretty founder was diagnosed, she was given a pair by her best friend’s mother — also a cancer survivor. They hung on her bedpost every day. When her fight was over, she passed them on to another survivor, who also passed them on...  my mini pink boxing gloves have been hanging from the rear-view mirror in my car since I got them!

The mini pink boxing gloves are a reminder to every strong woman fighting the battle of her life to never give up!  And when they are healthy enough, and their fight is over, they can pass the gloves on to another strong fighter!  


The whole idea behind the signature mini pink boxing gloves is to pass them on to another fighter once you are ready to pass on your strength!  How awesome is that?!

Like her, through the battle of my life, I found the most amazing support system!

About Fighting Pretty:

We want to help you feel beautiful. See the beauty in everything.
Women want to feel beautiful. At no other time do we feel less so than when we are battling a major illness like cancer. Fighting Pretty helps women battling cancer feel strong, beautiful, pretty and confident — inside and out — every day. 

We are committed to helping women of all ages, battling any type of cancer and work to ensure that each and every one of them feels loved and supported. 

You can become involved with Fighting Pretty is several different ways:
  • You can donate!
  • You can request a Pretty Package for someone you know fighting cancer!
  • You can have your children color pictures for those women Fighting Pretty!
  • You can become a sponsor!
  • You can join their mailing list!

Never Give Up & Keep Fighting Pretty!

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