Thursday, February 24, 2011

Free Fish and Chips

One of the ways I make resources stretch further for my family is by using coupons.  When I get get groceries for FREE, I love it!  I can honestly say that FREE groceries are always the best kind.

A few weeks ago, I loaded up by using several free item coupons in a single shopping trip! 

This time I got FREE fish and chips! :)  Free Gorton's Seafood and Free Archer Farms Chips.

Gorton's Shrimp Poppers: $7.48
Gorton's Fish Sticks: $7.48
Archer Farms Honey BBQ Chips: $2.69
Archer Farms Tortilla Chips: $2.89

Total:  $20.54
Tax: $1.23
Grand Total:  $21.77

Take away the free item coupon prices and I paid a grand total of $1.23 for all these grocery items!  In the end, all I had to pay was the sales tax.  I wish all of my grocery shopping was like this!

Have you gotten any great deals lately?


... said...

That is awesome...great job...

Stephanie said...

I did!! I just got a huge bag of free gortons fish sticks, and a huge bag of free gortons breaded fish. I also got a big coffee mate creamer for free as well! I love free things too!! ;)

Anonymous said...

wow! How did you get so many coupons for free stuff? I'm liking you on FB too so I don't miss anything.

Tori said...

Way to make the budget stretch!