Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day Diamond Heart Necklace: Saved $307

 Valentine's Day is on Monday, February 14th.  Do you know what you're getting your Valentine Sweetie?

One thing that I rarely do is pay full price.  I've been called "cheap" on more occasions that I can even remember.  Most people simply can't believe how I do what I do.  Me?  I get so excited when I get a great deal that I love to share it with everyone!

Over the past  couple of months, I've gotten two sterling silver and diamond rings absolutely FREE!

Last week, I received another $50 Samuels Jewelers gift card in the mail for Valentine's Day!  I was so excited and thrilled to have gotten (3) of these gift cards since November.  How lucky am I??
This time, I had just planned on looking for another FREE ring.  When I arrived at the jewelry store, I noticed an in-store special for Valentine's Day.  A sterling silver and diamond heart necklace for just $29.99.  The original price was $149.99.


Could I get (2) of them and pay just $10?  Absolutely!  I used my $50 gift card and had to pay just $10.58 for $300 worth of sterling silver and diamonds.

Original Price: $299.98
Tax: $18.00
Total: $317.98
Sale Price: $59.98
Tax: $3.60
Total: $63.58
Subtract Gift Card: $50.00

Grand Total: $10.58

Total Savings:  $307.40

It doesn't get much better than FREE DIAMONDS!



Stephanie said...

Wow, simply amazing!! Congratulations on the excellent deal!

J Rodney said...

That's fabulous Bridget! Congratulations on such a fabulous find!

WifeandMom said...

That's a great buy Bridget! But how did you get the gift cards to begin with?

Ray Arden said...

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