Friday, November 26, 2010

My Black Friday Savings: $247!

I did something last night that I swore I wouldn't do...

I went Black Friday shopping with a friend, for the first time in 13 years!  We left at 10:00 pm and didn't get home until 5:45 am!  We had a GREAT time and LOTS of coffee - Yes, we ended up drinking 3 each.  One of them was even a double.  LOL!

Even though we were shopping for hours and hours, the only thing I bought was a new set of luggage.  It's a 5 piece set, teal in color.  It was normally $180 and I purchased it for just $38 at JCP. 


After getting home, I went to bed and managed to get just 4 hours of sleep before my phone woke me up.  So, why not get up and get the kids and hubby ready and do another round of Black Friday shopping!  And that's exactly what we did!

We went back to the mall, so I could use the coupons that I wasn't able to use in the earlier hours since those stores weren't open yet.  I had a $50 off ANY purchase coupon at Samuels Jewelers, a $5 off $5 purchase at Hallmark and a FREE item (up to $13) with any $10 purchase at Bath and Body Works.

At Samuels, I got a lovely silver and diamond ring for FREE!!!  It was normally $69 on sale for $49.99. I was surprised that I didn't even have to pay sales tax - it was a 100% freebie.  WOW!  I did spend $1 there though, I made a donation to the Jewelers for Children fund.


At Hallmark, I got 2 rolls of wrapping paper.  $4.99 each - but they were on sale.  Buy 1 get 1 for just 99 cents.  I used my $5 coupon and paid just $1.34!


Last but not least, at Bath and Body Works - I bought a Wall Flower and a set of refills.  Normally $12.50 each, on sale for just $5 each.  Then for my FREE item, I got a cute little coffee mug with mini shower gel, body spray, lotion and a pice of chalk.  The side of the mug has a little area that's a chalkboard, you can write messages on it!  It was normally $12.50.



Black Friday Savings:

JCP:   $140
Samuels:  $69
Hallmark:  $10
Bath and Body Works: $28


What about you?  Did you go shopping today? 


Marsha Cooper said...

I only did Walgreen's LOL
I have that printed out coupon for the $10 at Hallmark. I was at the mall the other day but didn't have the coupon with me.

Kylee S. said...

Those are some great deals! I did not feel like braving the crowds today, but I might go out tomorrow.

Sophie said...

Aww the mug is cute! And way to go with that jewelry purchase!

RobbinLynn said...

What nice Gifts. You had a Great shopping Day.

Canadian Coupon Mom said...

Wow! Some great deals. I really love the ring! Great score. I would have loved to do the black friday sale. Maybe next year. I am in Canada but a couple hrs from the nearest border. I am a new follower from Saturday Stalk blog hop.

Mammamoiselle said...

Awesome deals - you did great! I'm your newest follower from the Saturday stalk blog hop!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Those are some amazing savings. I was not brave enough to get out into the Black Friday shopping crowds though, lol! Maybe next year.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic savings on some great items. I especially like the luggage and ring!